Financial Analysis provides insight into the overall state of the business. It ensures that everyone from C-level executives to line-of-business managers has the best information available to make critical business decisions confidently.

Financial Analysis allows companies to better analyze their business, develop business plans and budgets and track performance. As companies grow and business opportunities present themselves, Financial Analysis provides the best analysis tools to manage your business now and into the future.


The primary value you will receive from Financial Analysis is the ability to analyze the state of your business quickly and accurately during strategic planning and budgeting. Additionally, when reviewing business opportunities during periods of growth or decline, it provides you with the tools to give an accurate picture of your business so you can make the best decisions for the future.

Simplifies access to key strategic financial information — provides quicker access for C-level executives, Finance Managers, Controllers and lineof-business managers.

Improves visibility of business unit performance — allows comparison of performance results to plan, highlighting under-performing areas of the business.

Aligns financial strategies for all areas of the business — ensures strategic alignment in all areas of the business to reach goals for improving profitability, increasing working capital and cash flow.

Improves accuracy of information for better decisions — ensures accuracy of financial planning and budget information resulting in better business decisions.


  • Provides planning and forecasting analysis and management reporting for informed financial decisions at all levels from C-level executives to business unit managers
  • Supports budget analysis with comparisons of current to planned, utilizes what-if analysis, with upload/download using Microsoft Excel
  • Provides multi-layer accounting with support for simulations and what-if analysis
  • Allows extensive drill-down and analysis capabilities
  • Provides immediate visibility to activity and information with Customer and supplier dashboards
  • Enables cash flow analysis and optimization based on cash projections and cash uses
  • Provides dashboards by role using browses, Web pages, business intelligence, metrics and process maps within panels