Management Reporting provides a powerful tool to generate periodic or ad hoc corporate and governmental reports required to analyze the state of the business. The extensive reporting features cover all business requirements and provide maximum flexibility and operational efficiency for C-level executives and business unit managers.

Management Reporting provides global companies with reporting tools to manage the complexity of consolidation and multiple charts of accounts, currencies and GAAPs.


The primary values you will receive from Management Reporting are the flexible and robust tools to simplify corporate reporting. It allows you to generate required reports quickly and with the ability to drill down into details. Management Reporting clarifies decision making with graphical reporting tools for the CEO, the CFO and line-of-business managers.

Ensures easy access to all financial data — provides quick access to financial information, allows dynamic, flexible corporate reporting for critical business decisions.

Enables multiple reporting views — enables multiple reporting views through flexible financial report structures to analyze the company, including analysis by organizational, regional location and management reporting structures.

Streamlines account activity review — streamlines review of summary account activity with drill-down to detailed transactions in the source module.

Improves decision making — provides analysis of potential business scenarios leading to better decisions.

Simplifies reporting structures changes — allows quick and easy report structure changes as business requirements change.


  • Comprehensive, easy to use reporting tools with comprehensive analysis and calculation capabilities
  • Extensive set of reports with unlimited report variants that can be created for any specific requirement (viewer, printer, export in PDF, XLS, DOC standards)
  • Provides Financial Report Writer to build financial report structures quickly, including multiple alternative organizational tree structures, and fiscal and management layouts
  • Supports financial analysis reports for entity, account, sub-account, cost center, intercompany, GAAP or company definable supplementary analysis fields
  • Generates customizable reports in multiple formats, including graphical, viewer, printer, or export to PDF, XLS, DOC standards
  • Provides reports in any currency including transactional currency, base currency, and companyspecified reporting currency
  • Supports customized documents such as checks and reminder letters and allows specifying language and decimal formats
  • Supports multi-currency, multi-COA, IFRS and multi-GAAP reporting
  • Enables reporting in company management currency and company chart of accounts for comparison of business operations
  • Supports spreadsheet-style browses for detailed selections and easily generated one-off reports
  • Generates multiple report types including:
    • Customer or supplier aging reports
    • Payment reports
    • GL transactions reports
    • Tax reports
    • Financial sub-ledger reports, browses, and metrics