QAD Boomi AtomSphere is the industry’s leading cloud integration solution, enabling QAD customers to securely connect Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), private cloud and on premise applications to QAD Enterprise Applications without requiring new hardware. QAD Boomi AtomSphere cloud makes it easy for you to build, deploy and manage process and data integrations to QAD Enterprise Applications, regardless of your company’s size, locations or application portfolio.

Since it’s cloud-based, you can start using QAD Boomi AtomSphere immediately. The globally available QAD Boomi AtomSphere cloud offers near infinite scalability to handle your peak processing volumes, and delivers the same dependability as QAD Cloud ERP with a 99.5% availability service level.

QAD Boomi AtomSphere’s visual designer is easy to learn and use, and supports both data and process integration. Using a long list of pre-built integrations, QAD Boomi Atmosphere simplifies connecting other applications to QAD Enterprise Applications with little to no coding. Like your integration designers, your administrators only need a browser to manage QAD Boomi AtomSphere.

When moving to the cloud, manufacturers and distributors may need to integrate cloud applications to cloud applications, as well as cloud applications to on premise applications. Both scenarios require enterprise-class security and availability. QAD Boomi AtomSphere delivers enterprise-class integration around the clock and around the globe for you to integrate applications to QAD Enterprise Applications.


Manufacturers increasingly need to integrate QAD Enterprise Applications with other applications, regardless of deployment location. Using an integration cloud makes it possible to respond rapidly to new and changing integration requirements driven by changing business situations. The value and benefit of using QAD Boomi AtomSphere for cloud and on premise integration include:

Rapid deployment without hardware risks. QAD Boomi AtomSphere is a SaaS application, so your time to deployment is nearly zero. It is ready when you are.

Goes global as you do. The QAD Boomi AtomSphere cloud is available globally 24x7x365 to support all your QAD Enterprise Applications deployments, regardless of how many sites you have or whether those sites are on premise or on the QAD Enterprise Cloud.

Minimal coding lowers integration costs and complexity. Business analysts require little training to learn the QAD Boomi AtomSphere visual designer and analysts are able to develop most integrations easily, reducing your dependency on software engineers and consultants.

Build and maintain integrations at the speed of your business. QAD Boomi AtomSphere’s extensive set of pre-built process maps and data integrations makes it easy to integrate new application deployments, often the same day.

Promotes standards and reusable objects. All integrations to QAD Enterprise Applications may be housed in your QAD Boomi AtomSphere cloud, making it simple to find, track or change existing integrations, and to model new integrations.

Increases data accuracy, consistency and efficiency. Reduce mistakes by replacing manual integration with QAD Boomi AtomSphere, helping your business operate more efficiently and reducing risk.

Improves data security. By promoting handsoff integration and applying enterprise-class, multilayered data security, QAD Boomi AtomSphere enhances your overall data security between applications.

No firewall changes required. QAD Boomi AtomSphere’s virtualized architecture enables you to connect comfortably across multiple on premise sites, private clouds, hybrid clouds and public clouds — all without adjusting security settings and firewalls.

Gain business insight with analytics. QAD Boomi AtomSphere includes a rich set of built-in analytics to help administrators gain insight into the speed of your business, to spot exception patterns and to improve business processes.

Supports comprehensive data governance controls. QAD Boomi AtomSphere maintains a variety of logs to support error detection and compliance audits.

Accelerates cloud migrations. QAD Boomi AtomSphere cuts the time and cost of redeveloping your integrations while improving security and reducing management overhead. 


  • Unlimited processes and users — Define as many processes as required, using as many location independent users as you need to build, deploy and manage integrations.
  • Boomi Suggest — Offers the collective intelligence of the QAD Boomi AtomSphere user community. Learn about best practices for data mapping and best methods for shortening development time.
  • Multi-Environment — QAD Boomi AtomSphere cloud enables you to build processes and data integrations, test your work, and promote to production environments with full audit trails in separate, protected sandboxes.
  • Visual Designer — Web-based, configurable dragand-drop integration designer increases the speed and lowers the cost of integration development.
  • Advanced Workflow — Design simple or complex orchestrations from a browser. Features such as development version control help QAD Boomi AtomSphere users lower the ongoing effort of keeping workflows up to date.
  • Advanced Security — Enables adherence to external audit and compliance priorities such as SOX and SSAE 16 Type II SOC 1 by controlling which users have access to key functions.
  • SOA Framework — Automates business processes with no latency, delivering real time movement of data and transactions between various applications.
  • Wide Browser Support — Supports all popular browsers for development and administration, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Safari.
  • Extend Q-Xtend — Easily generate source or target data element lists, called Boomi Profiles, by importing standard Q-Xtend Q-Docs, saving the time and effort of manual profile development.
  • Supported 100% by QAD — QAD is the only point of contact required to support QAD Boomi AtomSphere.