QAD Cloud EDI provides EDI translation and communication services that complement the QAD EDI eCommerce offering to provide a full end-toend solution simplifying global e-commerce and collaboration with trading partners across the value chain. QAD Cloud EDI provides a scalable solution for companies to rapidly implement and standardize Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) across their global enterprise.

QAD Cloud EDI integrates with QAD EDI eCommerce and QAD Enterprise Applications allowing easy communication and collaboration with trading partners. QAD’s Cloud EDI offering provides companies with a range of services that address their end-to-end requirements for transmission and receipt of electronic messages with trading partners.

QAD Cloud EDI helps manufacturing companies reduce the cost of integrating with their suppliers and customers and enables quick on-boarding without process breakdowns and compliance violations. Using QAD Cloud EDI, customers can rapidly achieve the electronic connectivity and integration they require with trading partners.

QAD Cloud EDI provides companies with EDI specialists for account management, implementation and ongoing support services. QAD Cloud EDI allows companies to focus on their strategic initiatives.


The primary value you will receive from QAD Cloud EDI is a complete set of services that provide EDI translation and communication. QAD Cloud EDI simplifies communication with customers and suppliers up and down the value chain, and allows complete visibility and tracking of all communication transactions.

Reduces operating cost – reduces internal operating costs by outsourcing EDI services to manage connections, document mapping and infrastructure. Eliminates need for infrastructure or in-house EDI expertise when deployed in the QAD Enterprise Cloud and in combination with QAD EDI eCommerce and Application Management Services (AMS) for QAD EDI eCommerce.

Speeds up integration of new trading partners – increases market share and responds to changes in the supply chain by quickly integrating new customers and suppliers up and down the value chain. Provides manufacturing companies complete and seamless integration of their trading partner requirements into QAD EDI eCommerce and QAD Enterprise Applications.

Speeds up implementation of trading partner changes – improves turnaround on any required trading partner changes by consolidating all EDI services under one service provider. QAD supports all facets of EDI across the supply chain which reduces time required to respond to changes in the supply chain.

Improves visibility of entire communication – improves ability to see successful transactions and alerts to communications issues any point throughout the process.

Reduces infrastructure and resources costs – reduces costs for EDI infrastructure and in-house EDI expertise. Reduces the burden to map and manage constantly changing EDI documents, and allows manufacturing companies to focus on their core business.


  • Communication – Provides connectivity for customers covering direct communication or via Value Added Network (VAN) supporting the major communication requirements for QAD customers globally.
  • Translation – Supports virtually all global EDI Standards (ANSI X12, EDIFACT, VDA, ODETTE, EANCOM, TRADACOM plus non-EDI formats (XML, CSV, flat files), which support QAD customer’s requirements.
  • QAD Cloud EDI Dashboard – Provides a web tool that gives full monitoring and tracing capabilities for both EDI translation and communication services.
  • QAD Cloud EDI Tracking Workbench – Provides a workbench with complete visibility of all QAD EDI eCommerce and EDI translation and communication activity