QAD Q-Xtend is an application-to-application (A2A) integration toolset that enables enterprise applications to interoperate seamlessly with the complete QAD Enterprise Applications suite without coding. Q-Xtend serves as the “adapter” between QAD and other enterprise applications, automating critical tasks such as data synchronization and eliminating the burden of maintaining custom interfaces and manual data entry.

Q-Xtend streamlines data transfer between disparate applications within the enterprise, enabling organizations to optimize their business processes and control operational costs. Q-Xtend offers organizations a tremendous opportunity to drive efficiencies into their day-to-day internal business processes.


The primary value you will receive from Q-Xtend will be the ability to automate critical data handling without the burden of maintaining custom interfaces or manual data entry, freeing up resources to focus on tasks that provide business value. You will be able to reduce your IT costs, while achieving better data integrity and accessibility. Your business will also benefit from improved agility.

Reduces lines of custom code. Helps reduce or eliminate custom code used for application-toapplication integration, trading partner integration, and data access.

Speeds up new trading-partner integration. A documented set of mapped transactions simplifies application-to-application integration.

Improves IT resource utilization. Reduces the overhead associated with custom code, allowing IT resources to concentrate on value-add activities.

Improves data integrity. Supports improved data integrity with automated, rules-based data synchronization, and simplified real-time update and access to QAD Enterprise Applications.

Reduces risk of non-compliance. Complete error checking and security, whether entering data manually or electronically via Q-Xtend, helps to ensure compliance.

Increases business agility. Data changes required to support new business processes replicate quickly throughout the enterprise. You can integrate new trading partners quickly, and put new application interfaces into place easily.


Provides the backbone for application-to-application integration to the QAD Enterprise Applications suite and opens up the application to other sources. Q-Xtend allows automated and rules-based data synchronization tasks and eliminates the burden of maintaining custom interfaces.

  • Q-Xtend uses a simple message-based integration tool that runs over middleware or peer-to-peer.
  • Q-Xtend offers a documented set of mapped transactions for most of the transactions addressed by QAD. QDocs provide a standard XML-based interface to QAD Enterprise Applications and are accessible from the QAD website.
  • Q-Xtend Inbound handles incoming QDocs; Q-Xtend Outbound handles requests to extract data from QAD Enterprise Applications.
  • When QAD applications or data structures change, QAD updates Q-Xtend Inbound, Q-Xtend Outbound, and QDocs to reflect new data items.
  • Q-Xtend exposes the full functionality of underlying programs, including all error checking and security, with message tracking and alerts.
  • Q-Xtend Outbound handles requests to take data out of QAD Enterprise Applications, generating easy-to-use Excel® spreadsheets for analysis without custom code.
  • Query simple or complex data structures and generate calculated values.
  • Q-Xtend Query Service is easily accessible from non-QAD Applications or from the Web portal via a Web service call.
  • Uses automated and rules-based data synchronization tasks to simplify the process while applying all required error checking and security verification.