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The packaging manufacturing industry faces more pressure than ever before due to growing demand for product variation—size, material, color, convenience—from brand owners and final consumers. Best-in-class packaging manufacturers need their underlying business and operational systems to serve as critical components of their strategic initiatives. This is a shift from systems only supporting the traditional business to enabling the necessary rapid response to change.

Packaging provides security, protection, convenience and marketing to the world but is challenged with continual innovation to create products that are more sustainable, stronger, more variations and use less material while meeting strict standards. ERP software and systems designed for packaging manufacturers help businesses streamline manual processes while meeting the increasing demand for smart manufacturing, tracking and handling the intricacies of document control, customization, global shipping and packaging requirements.


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QAD Production Execution

Improve collaboration and gain the production insights needed to quickly meet customer requirements with comprehensive operational data capture.


了解 Flexible Packaging 如何通过在公司范围内实施 EAM,提高了可见性,实现了维护实践和成本的协调。

QAD Enterprise Asset Management

Better manage planned and unplanned equipment maintenance, MRO inventory, material procurement, and capital- and customer-funded projects.

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Since implementing QAD, business has grown over 25% in unit volume. However, our working capital has dropped by 20% thanks in large part to QAD. Through better analytics and management of processes, we've been able to understand the drivers behind growth.

Kevin Grogan, CEO, Flexible Packaging, DS Smith Plastics

Kevin Grogan, CEO, Flexible Packaging, DS Smith Plastics


我想了解 QAD 智适应用程序。