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As manufacturers, you change the world around us.
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What your products are to you,
Cloud ERP is to us.

The screen you are looking at, the food you had for breakfast, the clothes you are wearing, the phone in your pocket — are all a result of manufacturing. As a manufacturer you understand the significance of what you make, and you are passionate about your products — just like we are passionate about Cloud ERP.

Through QAD Cloud ERP, we work with you to build your effective enterprise where all your business processes are running at peak efficiency and are perfectly aligned to your company’s strategic goals. Together, we can work towards creating your effective enterprise.

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No Headache, No Hardware, No Hassle.

No Compromise Cloud ERP


Your business needs to grow. ERP should not constrain you.

Low Risk

Our cloud solution minimizes risk while providing the control you need.


Let us show you just how simple ERP software can be.


You can’t see the future, but you can be prepared for it with your ERP.


Your business is not limited to one place or time. Your ERP shouldn’t be either.

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Manufacturing ERP Software in the Cloud

Cloud is more than a deployment decision, it is a strategic choice and goes to the heart of how you define your business.

QAD Cloud ERP provides you the freedom to focus on your products and customers without the distraction of administering your ERP. Let us manage your hardware and systems. Think about the possibilities of putting your valuable resources to work on more strategic projects, accelerating your journey toward the effective enterprise.

Whether you’re looking to move your on premise solution to the cloud, want to keep some sites on premise and some in the cloud, or are in the market for a new ERP platform — we’ve got you covered. Our full-featured, vertical-focused, cloud and on premise solutions work as well together as they do independently. Deploy QAD ERP the way it works best for you. Regardless of your deployment choice, you will benefit from QAD Cloud ERP through best of breed software, support, and tools.

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Years in Business
Our Start in the Cloud
Countries Supported

Kendra Scott is building the Effective Enterprise.

QAD Cloud ERP allows the growing Texas-based jewelry brand to provide excellent customer service to their global customers.

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Employing Design Thinking.

Empowering the effective user with the cloud.

We understand that the Effective Enterprise can only be realized when users are empowered to focus on driving their business forward. QAD’s User Experience (UX) vision goes beyond a slick interface, employing user-centric research and design to enable the effective user. We believe that an effective user is one whose tasks are streamlined, accelerated by supporting systems, and perfectly aligned with the company’s business processes.

QAD’s UX improvements provide a consistent, individually adaptable and device-independent user experience that is personalized to the activity and the user to increase efficiency, simplifies task completion, and provides insight to decisions. QAD’s next generation user experience is available first to customers in the Cloud ensuring that all the elements of an effective enterprise are in place, and that you can focus on what you do best.


Focus on the User

We're rolling out the first of our new UX to early adopters. See our vision for the future of ERP: software doesn't have to feel complex in order to be powerful.

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Trusted, Proven, and Flexible Cloud Apps

We introduced our first Cloud App in 2003 and have continued our pattern of innovation in the Cloud ever since. With Cloud support available in 12 languages and a variety of add-ons, such as QAD Cloud QMS, QAD Cloud EDI and QAD Supplier Portal, QAD Cloud ERP offers exactly the capabilities you need.

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QAD Cloud ERP's Effectiveness Starts Strong and Grows with Plasan

QAD Cloud ERP has proven to be stable, easy to implement, and has all the functionality and accreditations needed now as well as for the future.

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Reduce Risk with QAD Cloud ERP

Learn how ELHI Polymer Moulding uses QAD to minimize IT and financial risk.

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"With QAD Cloud ERP we can expand our business."

Kendra Scott, Founder, Kendra Scott Jewelry


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