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Why Does ERP Fail?

ERP is considered one of several means to improve business outcomes. Many ERP projects end up concentrating on what the software can do versus what you need it to do, and more importantly, why you need it.

QAD Adaptive ERP

Built on the QAD Enterprise Platform, QAD Adaptive ERP enables manufacturers to achieve faster implementations and greater fit out of the box.

Adaptive User Experience (UX)

The QAD Adaptive User Experience (UX) provides an adaptable, device-independent user experience that supports personalization for each role, activity and user.

QAD Highlights Channel Islands at Explore 2018

A showcase of the results from company investments in both the QAD Enterprise Platform and user experience.

Introducing the QAD Enterprise Platform

The QAD Enterprise Platform simplifies the delivery of functionality unique to each manufacturer’s needs without creating a rigid ERP system. Future upgrades are not impaired or complicated by enhancements, supporting rapid digital transformation.

QAD Channel Islands: QAD Enterprise Platform is the Next Stop on the Journey to the Effective Enterprise

What started as a user experience initiative has been transformed into a full-featured platform: the QAD Enterprise Platform.

QAD Manufacturing

QAD Manufacturing ERP helps global manufacturers run simultaneous, multi-mode manufacturing and provides full shop floor control of orders across the manufacturing process.

QAD Supply Chain

The QAD Supply Chain management solution helps manufacturers address the challenges associated with managing complex and ever-changing global supply chains.

QAD Adaptive Applications

QAD Adaptive Applications offers a comprehensive portfolio of flexible solutions for global manufacturers, all of which are fully integrated with QAD Adaptive ERP.

Tsubakimoto UK

Learn how Tsubakimoto's upgrade and structured move to the QAD cloud resulted in mirror systems between new and established sites.


Find out how global medical device company Heartware achieved faster, more efficient complaint management results with the QAD CEBOS Quality Management System (QMS).

ERP and Your Journey to Industry 4.0

The rapid pace of change and modern business challenges require unprecedented flexibility fueled by agile technologies.

Leveraging Risk Management Throughout the Automotive Supply Chain

Now and into the future, smart planning is imperative. It is important to put resources and tactics into place for an effective risk management strategy.

Three Key Areas of Cloud Security for Manufacturers

QAD Adaptive ERP includes a full Information Security Management System (ISMS) with proactive penetration testing and threat detection, key security certifications and best practices.

Introducing QAD Adaptive Applications

While features and functions are more important than ever, the secret to adaptive applications lies in the QAD Enterprise Platform.

The Value of Agility in ERP During Disruptive Times

Industry disruption can have a cascading impact on business application requirements, making agility even more important than current functionality.

De Bortoli Wines

Learn how Australian winemaker De Bortoli Wines improved its visiblity into a complex integrated supply chain with QAD ERP.


Discover how i2O's sales process became at least 50 percent faster flowing through QAD.

Is Your ERP for Manufacturing Facing End of Life?

If your ERP solution is facing end of life, it may be time to think about an ERP replacement. Planning for the future is more important now than ever before.

Sunset, Sunrise. SAP Pulls the ECC 6 Plug. Now What?

SAP has traditionally been seen as a “safe” choice for CIOs and company executives. The old adage of “CIOs don’t get fired for selecting SAP” persists. This paper will highlight the hidden risks of SAP, leading readers to make a more informed decision.

QAD Debuts Adaptive Apps at Explore 2019

QAD announced the rebranding of its solution portfolio to QAD Adaptive Applications. In order to facilitate changes throughout the application lifecycle, the Adaptive Applications are designed to be deployed rapidly, extended easily, upgraded seamlessly, and to adapt and evolve.

ERP Options Guide - Planning for Life After ECC 6 and Preparing Stakeholders

With SAP’s sunset announcement for ECC 6, you might be more aware of telltale signs that your legacy SAP ERP is not keeping up with the pace of change in your industry. This is a convenient guide to help you navigate the path to bring a world class ERP solution into your organization.

QAD Production Execution

Improve collaboration and gain the production insights needed to quickly meet customer requirements with comprehensive operational data capture.

QAD Automation Solutions

Improve operational visibility, control and accuracy throughout the internal supply chain, from inbound to production to outbound activities.

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Life Beyond SAP, a CIO's Journey

To avoid the challenges around an ERP "end of life" situation, manufacturers must act quickly to identify a manufacturing ERP replacement that works with industry disruption, not against it.

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