QAD MFG/PRO (1984-2007)

Announced in 1984, QAD MFG/PRO served as our flagship enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suite and was one of the first manufacturing ERP software applications built and designed for manufacturers using the APICS principles. In 2007, we launched its successors, QAD Enterprise Applications and QAD Cloud ERP, which were enhanced further in 2015 with the launch of the Adaptive User Experience (UX) initiative (formerly Channel Islands). In 2017, the QAD Enterprise Platform was released as an easier and more intuitive way to streamline the management of manufacturing operations.

In 2019, we renamed QAD Cloud ERP to QAD Adaptive ERP, to more accurately reflect the needs of our customers and value we strive to bring them. Built from the MFG/PRO foundation, QAD Adaptive ERP and the QAD Adaptive Applications solution portfolio are designed to streamline the management of global manufacturing companies’ financials, customers, supply chains, analytics, technology and business performance in key manufacturing industries.


Real-time Analytics for On-the-Spot Insight

Customer Management

Streamlined Solutions for Customer Satisfaction

Supply Chain

Visibility into your Global Supply Chain


Solutions for International Finance


Flexible Solutions for System Integration


Manufacturing ERP that Adapts as Your Business Evolves

Services Is Here to Help

If your business is ready to move to the latest QAD Adaptive Applications or QAD Adaptive ERP, QAD Services will help you along the way.

The business realized that we’re going to get many additional benefits by moving to the newest version of QAD.

Scott Nigh, Chief Information Officer, Tower International

Scott Nigh, Chief Information Officer, Tower International

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