QAD Team in Mexico City

I’m Antonio Lopez, a sales director for QAD in Mexico City. Before joining the QAD team, I spent over a decade doing strategic planning, IT and management consulting, at Accenture, Bank of Mexico and Dell. This work experience provided me with a solid foundation that I brought with me to QAD.

QAD Team Culture

There is a very distinct culture at QAD. Even though QAD is a global company spread out over many countries, we are a family. A team that transcends job level. My favorite thing about working for QAD is the access we have to all levels of management. I’ve never worked for another company that provides an open dialogue of communication to all levels of people. At QAD I can speak to C-levels, such as the CFO or COO since they are colleagues working right beside me. It’s the people at QAD that make it such an enjoyable place to work. They are very genuine and always willing to help other people.

My Local QAD

Although I do love my office in Mexico City, it is still a treat to visit the QAD corporate headquarters in Santa Barbara, California. I remember the first time I came to visit, I was amazed by the place. I was given a tour of the facility and I was in awe of the ocean view, the gym and the bistro. I thought that perhaps I should relocate! In reality I’m in no hurry to leave the Mexico City office — it’s centrally located and recently refurbished. Everyone loves working here, especially for the location when it comes to commuting, restaurants and bars. We even have a great park one street away to walk around at lunchtime or after work.

When it comes down to it, I really do enjoy working at QAD. The fact that the employees are terrific and team players make it a very nice place to work. And we all work for different reasons, right? For me, I work hard to provide for my family and enjoy time with my friends. When I’m not busy with work, you’ll find me playing with my daughters, having dinner parties with my friends or playing sports. QAD provides the perfect work-life balance for me, and I even get to visit Santa Barbara once in awhile!

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Antonio Lopez
Antonio Lopez is a Sales Director for QAD Mexico. He enjoys strategic thinking and getting together with customers. Outside of work he loves playing sports, especially tennis. He's also passionate about spending time with his family, whether it's doing homework with his two daughters or just enjoying a relaxing night at home.