Tuesday, October 20, 2020


QAD Explore, Progress, sponsor

Progress and QAD: A Trusted Partnership for 30 Years

Our third featured Explore article is prepared by our friends at Progress. Progress OpenEdge is the backbone of every QAD installation worldwide. As an accredited QAD Consulting Partner, Progress’ Professional Services is committed...
QAD Explore, Prophix, data, machine learning

Machine Learning in Finance – How to Get Started

Our second featured Explore article is prepared by our friends at Prophix. Prophix develops innovative Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software that automates critical financial processes such as budgeting, planning, consolidation and...
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Selecting Technologies for Industry 4.0…What You Should Know While at Explore!

QAD Explore wouldn’t be possible without the support of our sponsors. For the next couple weeks, we will feature three of our Explore sponsors as contributors on the QAD Blog. They...
QAD Explore, life sciences, explore 2019, New Orleans, beaker, microscope

Turning Life Science Vantages into Competitive Advantage

Changing Vantage Points The way people interpret life experiences depends on the vantage point. This goes for both personal and business experiences. Take a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana as an example....
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Like the Mississippi River Through New Orleans, Today’s CPG Market is Quickly Changing Directions

Twisting and turning, changing directions quickly, the Mississippi River winds down the center of the U.S. through New Orleans and out into the Gulf of Mexico. This can also describe the...
microchip, purple, Industry 4.0, IoT, machine learning, data lake, augmented reality, embedded advanced technology, QAD Explore, explore 2019

Technology Diet Trends: You Are What You EAT

By now I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about Industry 4.0. Has this become ‘old news’ in the world of manufacturing? I have read some recent articles that have already moved...
qad explore, automotive, customer conference, explore 2019

Key Automotive Attractions and Pit Stops at Explore 2019

Industry-wide change is forcing manufacturers to enhance their capabilities, and speed is vital for reducing the uncertainties around responding to change. The theme for this year’s Explore customer conference is “The...
qad explore, new orleans, 2019, training

Get the Most out of QAD Explore with Hands-on Training

We are less than three months away from Explore 2019, QAD’s premier customer conference!  If you haven’t already had a chance to review the agenda or speakers, we highly encourage you...
QAD Explore, customer conference, Bob Moesta, keynote

Innovation Expert Bob Moesta to Keynote QAD Explore 2019

Have you ever wondered how businesses track the way people shop and the reasons people buy? What about ways in which companies innovate to keep their products relevant? There are a number...
QAD enterprise platform, hackathon, QAD teamwork, channel islands, code

QAD Enterprise Platform Hackathon Captures Partners’ Imaginations

QAD hosted its first QAD Enterprise Platform hackathon at the QAD Teamwork event in Budapest, November 5 - 8, 2018. The objective of the hackathon was to introduce the development capabilities...

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