Earlier this year I was lucky enough to get to travel across the globe to visit with QAD customers in Australia. One of those customers is Bickford’s.

Who is Bickford’s?

Their story begins in 1839 when William and Anne Margaret Bickford started their apothecary shop in Adelaide, Australia. Today, with a footprint in over 35 countries, Bickford’s manufactures, produces, markets, and sells beverages all over the world. They pride themselves on their entrepreneurial spirit; they take risks to stay at the forefront of their industry. Their value of innovation has led them to become highly automated, including laser-guided vehicles that integrate integrated with QAD solution.

Focus on Innovation

Their strategy for success — from a systems point of view — is taking their core values of family, heritage and integrity, and utilizing modern systems to deliver those objectives and satisfy their customers’ needs. Bickford’s is a highly automated and innovative company. They use automated production lines and pallet-wrapping technologies, but the part I was most fascinated by was their use of laser-guided vehicles. The vehicles are integrated with our software which tells the vehicles where to pick up stock in the warehouse and where put it away. I could have watched them moving around the shop floor all day!

Learn more about Bickford’s by vising their website:

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