Who is Aesica?

Headquartered in Pianezza, Italy, Aesica is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organizations. The company is committed to being fast, flexible, innovative and reliable with a dedication to service and working in partnership with their customers to achieve outstanding results.

What was Aesica’s Challenge?

With major changes in product serialization and tracking regulations happening in the pharma market, Aesica had to respond quickly to meet new regulations by the China Food and Drug Administration. They had three months to comply; not complying would result in substantial fines and possibly damage future dealings with one of their largest markets, China.

Their Solution?

Working with QAD, Aesica upgraded to the latest version of QAD’s ERP solution which included a brand-new Serialization module to address their compliance needs. The ERP upgrade proved to be the right choice for Aesica. Thanks to their ERP upgrade, Aesica can now identify individual packaging units down to the smallest sellable unit, aggregate individual unit serial numbers, track and trace each single pack of medication, and report serial numbers to the required government agencies. Maurizio Beninati, IT Director at Aesica commented that “It’s critical in our business to be able to adapt to unforeseen changes. QAD helped us do that.”

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QAD ERP Built for Life Sciences

Like Aesica, life sciences manufacturers face a number of special challenges when it comes to government regulations and compliance needs. QAD understands that no two manufacturers are alike, and that’s why we provide industry versions of our ERP software to focus on your specific pain-points and move your toward the Effective Enterprise.

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