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Manufacturers need an ERP that is secure and supply chain solutions that deploy, scale and extend easily—without sacrificing dependability. Cloud ERP should be simple to implement, manage and upgrade, allowing resources to focus on strategic initiatives and provide ERP regardless of the countries and languages in which their organization does business.


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QAD Adaptive ERP combines manufacturing ERP software and supply chain capabilities with a modern platform and user experience, delivered in the cloud, to help manufacturers better identify and address change in their industry.


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QAD started offering solutions in the cloud in 2003 followed by a cloud ERP product in 2007. Today, most new customers and many long standing customers choose the QAD Cloud or one of QAD’s certified partner clouds to ensure the rapid deployment, scalability, availability, disaster recovery and security of QAD Adaptive ERP. Running QAD Adaptive ERP and other QAD solutions in the cloud frees up a manufacturer’s resources to focus on strategic initiatives. QAD Adaptive ERP in the QAD Cloud includes 24x7 support in multiple languages and takes advantage of world-class, regionally focused cloud services. QAD Cloud also optionally supports related third-party solutions.

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Is Your Company an Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise?

Identify where your organization falls on the adaptability scale and diagnose your ability to cope with change based on QAD's Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise Maturity Model.

ROI of QAD Cloud

Find out how Imperial Brands’ adoption of QAD Cloud led to a variety of benefits, and how the experience of shifting from on-premise to the cloud is not nearly as hard as it sounds.

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Cloud Security for Manufacturers

QAD Adaptive ERP includes a full Information Security Management System (ISMS) with proactive penetration testing and threat detection, key security certifications and best practices.

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QAD Adaptive ERP supports flexible upgrading and easy extension of apps.


How Secure is your ERP?

Unless steps are taken to manage security on a day by day basis, there are major risks with both on premise and cloud-hosted providers. This tool will help assess the overall risk profile of your ERP solution.

Our move to the cloud has reduced our risk significantly whilst also providing the fundamental benefit of ensuring that we are at the forefront of technology with anything that they may bring out in the future.

Luke Collis, Group General Manager, Freedom Foods

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Mint Jutras: Introducing QAD Adaptive Applications

While features and functions are more important than ever, the secret to adaptive applications lies in the QAD Enterprise Platform.

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Information Security Best Practices for Manufacturers in the Era of the Hacker

How should manufacturers deal with the rising risk and cost of information security? Whether on-premise, in the cloud, or a combination thereof, there are key security techniques for manufacturers to consider on how to best protect their information.

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QAD Adaptive ERP Overview


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