I’ve been working at QAD for almost twenty years and in that time I’ve had different roles in marketing, sales and management. Currently I’m a Sales Director based in the U.K. working with customers in the U.K., Ireland and Scandinavia.

QAD Invests in People

I’m always impressed with how QAD invests in its employees — ensuring that they have the right skills for their current and future jobs. In my time with QAD I’ve received my master’s degree and been certified in APICS, which has given me a much better understanding of the manufacturing process and how I can better relate to our customers’ challenges.  I’ve also had the opportunity to participate in an executive development program where I worked with our executives on a project that I was passionate about. QAD’s executive development program was designed to develop business leaders so that we can better help drive the company strategy and results into the future.  

My development isn’t something that is saved for a once a year review or something that only I am pushing forward. I regularly meet with my manager to discuss what I should be doing next to better myself for my job and the company.

The Global Nature of Working at QAD

One of my favorite parts of working for QAD is the opportunity to travel (which is something I am passionate about) — whether it’s a call with colleagues around Europe or visiting the U.S. for training. QAD has employees around the world to support our global customers and I’ve had the chance to work with many of them on various projects.

Interested in Working at QAD?

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Ashley Clarke
In her almost twenty years with QAD, Ashley has worn several hats within the marketing, sales and management fields. She is currently a Sales Director based in the U.K. and enjoys working closely with customers. Outside of the office, Ashley is passionate about travel, loves going to the movies and above all, spending time with her family.