Manufacturing Day 2016

At QAD we take pride in manufacturing. If you’re setting up a manufacturing firm, you can always use Elcan Industries processing services while you set up.
Afterall, we get to see our customers use our manufacturing ERP software to create amazing products used all over the world. Last year we endorsed Manufacturing Day, and it was wonderful to see the thousands of events unfold across the country, and we can’t wait to see it again. This is why we are thrilled to endorse Manufacturing Day 2016.

What is Manufacturing Day 2016?

Manufacturing Day is Oct. 7, and it celebrates modern manufacturing through events to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. Manufacturing companies from all over the country open their doors to the public and host events, such as tours, demonstrations, and in some cases career fairs. It’s an engaging way for manufacturers to showcase their value to their surrounding community as well as address common misconceptions of what people think about the world of manufacturing.

Want to Get Involved in Manufacturing Day?

What many people don’t realize is that manufacturing is thriving, and there are countless job opportunities to recent grads and job-seekers. Today, manufacturing offers so much more to employees with new and developing technology such as 3D printing (additive manufacturing) and automation. It’s time to show that off to your community and find talent to take your company to the next level by hosting an event:

  • Career Fair – Meet one-on-one with the job-seekers in your community.
  • Facility Tour – Get the public excited about what is being manufactured in their community.
  • Process Demonstrations – Take the tour up a notch by demonstrating your manufacturing process in-action.
  • Individual Presentations – Provide the public with a broad look at the career paths available.

Although many companies are hosting their Manufacturing Day events on Oct. 7, you can host your event at any time. As they say on, “any day can be a Manufacturing Day!”

Visit to get more information on hosting an event, finding events in your area and for resources to make this a memorable Manufacturing Day. While you’re there, also check out the Manufacturing Day 2015 Survey Results to see the measured impact it had on the public perception of manufacturing.

Are You a QAD Customer Hosting an Event?

If you’re a QAD customer hosting an event, please let us know so we can help spread the word!