IoT and Manufacturing

We all know it’s good to stay current on innovative trends, but knowing what’s going to make an impact vs. what’s just a passing fad can be the hard part. Have you heard the following buzzwords recently: internet of things, IoT, machine-to-machine and connected sensors? We don’t think this trend is a fad at all, we believe it’s the future of manufacturing. Here are some potential use cases for IoT for manufacturing.

IoT and Manufacturing

Most of us use a smartphone every day, imagine manufacturing companies using smart machines. Many already are. By connecting machinery to the internet of things, manufacturers can predict service requirements based on actual needs. The benefits include less unscheduled downtime, greater inventory accuracy, lower costs and everybody’s favorite, saved time.

Manufacturing Outcomes as a Service

I’m hearing about outcomes all over the place these days. Outcomes in healthcare, education and even manufacturing. Have you thought about outcomes as a service? If you take 3D printing, for example, what a customer really wants is what the 3D printer is producing, not necessarily the printer. A printer manufacturer can charge customers for output in a pay per print billing model, creating increased alignment with the customer. Say one of the printers is distressed; it can trigger an alert to the cloud, sending an email to the owner. The unit can be shipped to the customer before it becomes a problem on their shop floor.

Gaining Actionable Insight with IoT

The real benefits to harnessing the power of IoT aren’t the cool gadgets and the streams of data — although they can be fun. The real benefits lie in the ability to gain actionable insight. Being able to see things that you couldn’t see before. Being proactive instead of reactive. Now that you have the information, what will you do with it? How can you make good use of the data and work toward becoming a more Effective Enterprise?