Forge Your Career Path at QAD

Take a moment and think back to where you were in life during your senior year of college. Most of us were writing papers, applying for jobs and wondering what we wanted to be when we grew up (except for those who had it figured out before then). For some, a job meant making money, working at a startup to be in a fast-paced environment or just learning as much as they can to forge their career paths. For me, it was being able to work in an environment where I could learn as much as possible to forge my career.

From Job Newbie to Career Path Driver

When I started at QAD, I had no idea what to expect. This was my first real job and I had nothing to compare it to. I figured I would learn quite a bit to fit into the role I was filling, but I had no idea how much knowledge and experience I was going to gain. I immediately started working on projects that involved all members of my team and even other departments! Yes, these group projects were more fun than the ones I had in college because this time around everyone I was working with wanted to be there and to succeed!

Several months after starting, I did some research on the things that would benefit me in my role and decided that I wanted to work toward certifications. I brought this up with my manager in hopes that they too would see where my career path needed to head. What did they say in response? “YES.” How awesome is that?  Not even a year into my new job and I was already being supported to push the limits for my career. I did successfully get that certification and was able to apply it to my current job. Not only did I learn that certification, but with the support of my team and QAD, I passed another exam and gained one more certification, all within the first two years of working at QAD.

Seek Knowledge and Balance Between Job and Career at QAD

It’s very apparent that QAD not only wants their employees to be successful for them as a company but also for their employee’s individual careers. There’s support from all colleagues to push yourself and learn more. QAD has created an environment which allows employees to come to work every day and seek new knowledge, become well-rounded in multiple areas of the company and have the right balance between their job and career. QAD is investing in building the Effective Enterprise and the effective employee.

Did you know that QAD was voted a “Best Place to Work on the Central Coast” by the Pacific Coast Business Times? Learn more about what it’s like to work at QAD by visiting our Careers page for testimonials, videos and company perks.