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It all started more than 90 years ago with the De Bortoli family and has grown to be one of Australia’s largest family-owned wineries. The third generation is now managing the family business with a strong commitment to sustainability and leaving a positive legacy for the next generation. One of the ways they maintain this mission is through their continued efforts to manage a very complex supply chain from ‘grape to glass’.

Over the years, De Bortoli Wines gained control of its entire supply chain, but in order to harness true competitive value, they needed a solution that would improve their product quality, compliance and traceability. 

Just-in-time Scheduling Optimizes the Winemaking Process

After making the decision to upgrade their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to QAD ERP, De Bortoli Wines has been able to optimize their growers resources and improve their product quality. The winemaker can now look to the future as they are well-equipped to deliver the highest quality of wine possible.

“De Bortoli is a vertically integrated business that is involved in every part of the wine industry and can be thought of as not just one company, but as a collection of quite distinct business. We have businesses that grow grapes, make wine, package wine, warehouse wine, transport wine, and sell wine, including direct to consumer via our own physical and online retail presence,” said Bill Robertson, CIO, De Bortoli Wines.

“One of the interesting things with De Bortoli is, as a structural point of view, we have control over our whole supply chain. But to get competitive advantage out of that, we have to be able to flow information through and to get value out of that,“ added Robertson. 

Check out the video to hear more about how they manage their complex, vertically and horizontally integrated business model.

Simplifying A Complex Integrated Supply Chain with Improved Traceability

One of the most important predictors of a manufacturing company’s success is its supply chain. Working closely with QAD, De Bortoli has developed technology solutions to improve quality, compliance and traceability; qualities that are at the core of their mission. They are looking to the future for keys to maintaining the family business for generations to come. Take a look at the full case study for more details about the benefits De Bortoli has realized through their decades-long partnership with QAD.