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We are pleased to announce our next podcast mini-series, Bags, Bacon & Beyond: Packaging and Food & Beverage Working Together, which can be accessed here.

Two Industries Tackling Challenges Together

The Food & Beverage and Packaging industries are intimately connected as partners in their own go-to-market strategies. For example, food & beverage product packaging accounts for about 70% of the entire packaging market. This makes the food & beverage sector a real partner for packaging manufacturers, especially when you think about everything we eat and drink and the packaging it comes with. Packaging manufacturers assist food & beverage customers with the appropriate packaging designed for the protection of their products, convenience of their users as well as brand awareness and promotion.

I have frequent conversations with QAD’s Director of Consumer Markets, Steve Dombroski, and for the purpose of sharing our knowledge with the manufacturing community, we discussed how our two industries, Packaging, in my case, and Food & Beverage in Steve’s, experience similar challenges, even though manufacturers in these industries might handle the situation differently. These industries heavily depend on each other and therefore, there is quite a bit in common.

In Bags, Bacon & Beyond, Steve and I discuss the current manufacturing environment for these two industries. In the first episode, Steve and I briefly discuss the initial impact of COVID-19 on both the Packaging and Food & Beverage sectors. Then we switch gears to talk about potential trends for the post COVID-19 world that are most likely to linger for the longer run. Finally, we look into how technology can help both industries better prepare for present and future disruptions that might come.

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Acyr Borges
Acyr Borges joined QAD in 2020 as Vice President, Packaging. Before QAD, Borges was the President of Serac Inc., a market leader in the packaging industry, where he was deeply involved with the company’s expansion in several key industry segments. He has also worked in several capacities at Henkel Adhesives linked to the packaging industry and has served in several trade organizations including IDFA and PMMI. Borges has extensive international experience in management, sales and marketing in the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe. He has lived and worked in Brazil and Malaysia. He earned an MS in chemical engineering from FEI - Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial in Brazil and an MBA in International Business from the University of Southern California.