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Thank you to those who joined us for QAD Tomorrow, our virtual thought stream, which was focused on the unforeseen disruption in manufacturing and the new transformation imperative. For those who weren’t able to attend, it’s not too late to view the thought stream replay.

Tomorrow attendees heard from QAD CEO Anton Chilton, CMO Carter Lloyds, and CTO Tony Winter on the challenges facing manufacturers today and the keys to adapting. The thought stream also featured interviews with QAD customer Amtico and an industry expert from Chasm Institute, discussing the current trends that are disrupting industries worldwide and how manufacturers can prepare to leverage disruption for competitive advantage.

Are You an Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise?

As part of the Tomorrow broadcast, Anton introduced the concept of what QAD calls the Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise, a manufacturer that can innovate and change business models at unprecedented rates of speed. In parallel with Tomorrow, QAD also released the Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise Maturity Model Diagnostic, a comprehensive tool that provides a method for manufacturers to gauge their preparedness for coping with disruption. 

Take the Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise Diagnostic

The Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise Maturity Model Diagnostic tool helps companies identify their business’ strengths and potential weaknesses in the context of business disruption. It places companies in one of four stages along what QAD calls the Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise Maturity Model. Each stage — Disjointed Enterprise, Functional Enterprise, Effective Enterprise, and Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise describes a company’s ability to identify and cope with disruption. 

The results of the Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise Maturity Model Diagnostic can help manufacturing companies begin to answer questions like: 

  • What does my company need to do to prepare for and manage disruption?
  • How does my company compare to an ideal Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise?
  • What does my company need to do to become an Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise?

You can watch the full replay of QAD Tomorrow here. For more information regarding QAD’s vision for the Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise or the Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise Maturity Model, visit the Maturity Model Diagnostic page or email us at


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