At QAD Explore 2015, President Pam Lopker unveiled the next generation user experience (UX) that will make the power of QAD Cloud ERP accessible anywhere on any device. This initiative, scheduled for Early Adopter release later this year, will bring customers a user experience that increases ease of use, satisfaction, and productivity. Channel Islands also includes a coexistence strategy, allowing QAD customers to access the new interface while still using their current QAD system.

The Next Generation of QAD Cloud ERP: Channel Islands

The Channel Islands initiative, named after the islands visible from the QAD corporate headquarters in Santa Barbara, allows QAD customers to start taking advantage of the new user experience in a simple evolutionary flow.

With the Channel Islands initiative, QAD has leveraged user-centered design practices and invested in a web-based interface to deliver an optimal user experience. This new interface is designed with the user’s goals in mind, providing an intuitive, context-driven representation of QAD’s extensive feature set.

Channel Islands brings the rich capabilities of QAD Cloud ERP within easy reach with a focus on interaction, navigation, and visual design. Ultimately, this initiative makes QAD users more productive, supporting an Effective Enterprise where business processes are working at peak efficiency in alignment with strategic goals.

Phase 1 – Anacapa

Anacapa is the first release of Channel Islands initiative. The Anacapa release will set the foundation for the subsequent releases while introducing the new interface.

With Anacapa, essential dashboards and transactional views will be available with a clean, easy-to-navigate, and personalized user experience. QAD users will be presented with an intuitive and powerful solution to support their complex business requirements. Close attention has been paid to the unique needs of different users, with support for rapid data entry as well as checks and balances to ensure accuracy. The interface will include new ways to organize views as well as features to support activity tracking and communication based on social media formats.

Anacapa will be available to Early Adopters in Fall 2015.

Response to the Channel Islands initiative was overwhelmingly positive from customers and industry analysts at QAD Explore 2015. We are looking forward to sharing the benefits of this initiative with our Early Adopters!

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