Decor uses QAD BI to build their Effective Enterprise

Who is Decor?

Headquartered just outside of Melbourne, Australia, Decor has been manufacturing kitchenware, picnicware, gardenware, brushware and baby-care products for more than 55 years. They distribute about 450 products to major retail outlets around the world. Their focus on quality and functionality has earned them recognition in the form of hundreds of Australian Design Awards.

Decor’s BI Challenge

Decor, while highly successful, was lacking a business intelligence (BI) solution necessary to support their new sales strategy. Their plan was to deliver more effective sales tools to the field and raise productivity while reducing costs. In order to accomplish this, they were going to need better ways to get accurate sales data to improve their planning analysis. First on their list was a powerful BI tool to help them deliver up-to-date intelligence that the field could use to gain a competitive edge.

Decor Chooses QAD Business Intelligence

After reviewing their current ERP solution, QAD Enterprise Applications, Decor realized that enhancing the analytics with additional business intelligence capabilities would allow them to effectively implement their new sales strategy. Being the first company to roll out QAD Business Intelligence (part of the QAD Analytics capabilities) in Australia, Decor was very pleased that the project ran exactly to specifications. “It’s there, it works, it does what it says it’s going to do,” said David Mathie, MIS Manager at Decor. Mathie explains that “with just a few clicks using QAD BI, the percentage increase on brushware was on screen. It allowed us to identify the increase by brand.” Read the full story on Decor’s success with QAD ERP.

Timely Analytics for On-the-Spot Insight

You need a lot of information to run your business effectively, and to help make speedy and intelligent decisions. QAD Analytics allows you to personalize role-based dashboards, monitor business performance, utilize pre-built data warehouses, drill down to source records and much more. Find out how QAD Analytics can take your data to the next level: