Founded in 1975 as a family business in western Europe, WESCO is now an international leader in children’s development products. Their vision is that every child has the right to grow up in a safe and secure environment. With products ranging from infant and toddler toys to classroom furniture and water play tables, you can really see the care and thought that goes into their product line. WESCO products are extremely safe, easy to care for and fire retardant. You can find their products in daycare centers and elementary schools, as well as in homes.

WESCO is Exceeding Customer Expectations

When you talk to the great people at WESCO, they will tell you how they take immense pride in exceeding customer expectations. They attribute their successful customer relationships to having a central source of information. Due to the large number of customers they manage, huge product line (over 14,000 products) and seasonality demands, they need to have every aspect of their business at their fingertips; and they can do this with QAD.

By having all of their business data centrally located in their QAD ERP system, their customer service representatives — no matter where they are located across the globe — can tell their customers what products are in stock, if their order has been processed, and where or when it was shipped. No matter how a customer gets in touch with WESCO, whether it’s via phone or email, they come away with the information they need. Having the entire company on the same page with one “version of the truth” in their QAD ERP system allows WESCO to be extremely effective in managing relationships and exceeding customer expectations. With QAD, Wesco is building the Effective Enterprise.

QAD Cloud ERP for Consumer Products

In today’s world where instant gratification drives what consumers buy, it’s vital for manufacturers to stay ahead of the constant changes presented to them. We know that no two businesses are alike, and that is why QAD has built solutions specifically for consumer product manufacturers. Learn more about how QAD Cloud ERP enables consumer product manufacturers to effectively deliver new products quickly, take orders, configure products, manage promotions and much more!