When Second Sight Medical Products was founded, they were mostly concerned with how to develop their new technology to restore sight. Afterall, that is a huge and very commendable undertaking. As their business began to grow, they needed to start thinking about manufacturing as well. It was at that point when they implemented their ERP system, QAD ERP.

When is it Time for an ERP Upgrade?

After many successful years of growth while using QAD ERP, several of their employees decided to attend a QAD User Group meeting. It was there that the team from Second Sight realized that it would be very beneficial to modernize their ERP system through an upgrade. “The keynote presentation at the user group brought to my attention the many features and opportunities we would be able to leverage if we moved to the Enterprise Edition platform,” comments Walter P. Little, Sr. Enterprise Applications Engineer from Second Sight.

Following an assessment of their current operations, they were presented with a report on how they could more effectively use their ERP system. They found that more than 50 percent of the suggested improvements would require an ERP upgrade to QAD Enterprise Applications Enterprise Edition (EE). They also learned that in order to keep up with new reporting and compliance requirements, being a Life Sciences manufacturer, it would be easier to do so on the EE platform.

“We knew we needed to upgrade and the longer we waited, the more challenging the transition would be, and the longer it would be before we could realize the advantages of QAD EE,” said Walter P. Little. Within Six weeks, they were live on their upgraded ERP system.

The Immediate Advantages of a Fast ERP Upgrade

Second Sight realized many benefits from the new functionalities of their upgraded QAD ERP system. “In many respects, our business needs haven’t changed, but with the EE platform, we are discovering new ways to do things that increase our operational efficiency,” said Walter P. Little. Their operations are now enhanced with the ability to define and use item-level attributes, detailed tracing of all items, and better integration with other systems. Read the full story about how Second Sight reaped immediate benefits from a QAD ERP upgrade.

QAD ERP Software for Life Science Manufacturers

Life sciences manufacturers are dedicated to innovation, product quality and patient safety, but a tightening regulatory environment, increasing cost pressures and supply chain complexities are causing new challenges. QAD understands that no two companies are alike, let alone industries, and that is why we have developed software just for you. Learn more about QAD ERP solutions built for life sciences manufacturers.