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I’m Corinna, and my QAD career began nearly two years ago. I’m an account manager, helping customers in Germany expand their businesses. With some of the big players out there, you may think that there isn’t any space for another ERP system in the market, but there is actually quite a lot. As we say at QAD, we may not be the biggest ERP vendor out there, and that’s OK! It allows us to focus on our customers in the manufacturing industries.

What Makes My QAD Career Special

Working at QAD allows me to do things I enjoy. I love talking to customers about their business needs and especially visiting their manufacturing sites. I find the manufacturing process to be fascinating! Even as a child, my favorite German TV show was the one that showed how everyday things are made. Working with “makers” and manufacturers makes me feel like I’m a part of the process too. For me, the best part of my job is when I, along with my colleagues, provide a customer with a solution they can really benefit from.

The Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Career

I consider the top three factors regarding a career are the job itself, the management and the company. At QAD my job combines my knowledge with what I can and what I want to do. The management, starting from my direct manager straight to the heads of the company, is the perfect mix of fair and firm to make me want to do my best. It is very rewarding, and I can identify with the whole company culture and values.

A huge plus is that if I want to develop my career, I can request trainings and obtain certifications like APICS. An added bonus is that I can always find help when I need it and will be supported in areas where I might need to improve.

As you read job descriptions, you’ll notice that they often say they are searching for an independent, proactive person, which just means there’s not enough time to foster growth of that employee. With QAD it’s different; you get a lot of freedom and responsibility if you want, but they still always have your back and stand by you. I´ve never had such flexibility in work without feeling too isolated. At QAD you are always supported, you always get feedback and more important, you can give honest feedback and raise your hand whenever you need others awareness on something.

Perks of a Career at QAD

One of my favorite perks of the job is my ability to work from anywhere in the world. I have regular conference and video calls with colleagues and customers from around the globe. I travel to the United States, the Netherlands and UK for training and even have been to China to visit a customer site. We may be a small team in Germany, but we are more connected to our global colleagues than I was at my previous employer that was a local domestic German company.

I’m not saying QAD is perfect, but it’s getting darn close to it. After kissing a few other frogs in the past, I feel that now with QAD I´ve finally found a company I can see myself working for in the long haul.

Find Your QAD Career

At QAD we think that the future of manufacturing is bright. Be there to see it with us. Visit our website to search for your new career in manufacturing ERP software. We’d love to meet you!

Corinna Fueck
Corinna is a sales account manager based out of QAD's office in Frankfurt, Germany. She's very fond of the global aspect of working at QAD, and in her downtime she enjoys the company of her friends in the big city.