We often find that many manufacturers initially feel that they don’t need a Transportation Management System (TMS). This is because, in many cases, the customer dictates the transportation provider to the manufacturer. However, what automotive production suppliers don’t realize is how beneficial a TMS is for ensuring every step of the shipping process is completed both on time and accurately in order to avoid delayed shipments and customer penalties.

We have extensively reviewed the benefits of implementing a global trade and transportation execution (GTTE) solution and have identified some major benefits.

10 Benefits to Implementing a TMS

  1. Rules-based workflow. Using a rules-based workflow to streamline shipping complexity allows you to simplify processes, eliminate errors and become less reliant on an operator’s knowledge of a system. A rules-based workflow also provides you with the functionality to separate workflows for shipping to auto plants, dedicated suppliers, cross-border shipping and returns shipping.
  2. A single process for all types of goods movement. QAD TMS streamlines shipping so that you have one core process for shippers, distribution orders, return to supplier, RMA to customer and material orders.
  3. Integration with your current data collection solution. QAD TMS integrates with QAD Automation Solutions (AS) and other data collection solutions.
  4. Easy configuration and process flexibility. A TMS solution can be configured to give variations in core process across sites.
  5. Auto-generate shipping documents based on rules. QAD TMS ensures correct shipping documents with the correct data are automatically generated for customer and carrier.
  6. Export processing. QAD TMS can streamline export processing ensuring that documents are produced with the correct pricing, commodity codes and country of origin.
  7. EDI data validation. QAD TMS can integrate with your manufacturing ERP system to provide validation to ensure there are no Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) errors avoiding EDI delays, which can lead to customer penalties if they are not resolved in time.
  8. ASN export visibility. QAD TMS workflow can perform an ASN export and report any errors to the operator to ensure a better process with real-time visibility. Without this functionality, the ASN is sent in the background with no visibility for the operator to see where it is in the process.
  9. Consolidation and full truck solutions. QAD TMS can easily consolidate shipments and ensure that the proper paperwork is included.
  10. QAD TMS combined EMT and EDI can help to automate the full solution so when shipped from Mexico the receipt is automatically done in US and remittance invoice triggered to US end customer.

Streamlined Shipment Processing – Faster / Less Errors / Better Visibility

QAD TMS (Transportation Management System) streamlines shipment processing with freight management, export and trade compliance functionality. As such, TMS automatically routes shipments to ensure optimum service to meet customer due date, prints carrier compliant shipping labels and scans denied party lists allowing compliance to be managed on exception basis. In addition export paperwork is automatically generated based on rules ensuring correct paperwork to get goods to destination without delay. Learn more about what QAD Demand and Supply Chain solutions have to offer.