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QAD hosted its first QAD Enterprise Platform hackathon at the QAD Teamwork event in Budapest, November 5 – 8, 2018. The objective of the hackathon was to introduce the development capabilities of the QAD Enterprise Platform to a number of attending partners in a hands-on fashion, including training and the actual building of an app.

The hackathon included one day of QAD Enterprise Platform training. Then, partners formed 10 teams with each team consisting of three or four developers. Each team had one day to define and create an app. The teams presented their apps, and a winner was selected by a group of QAD judges, including Bill Keese, senior vice president, research & development, Tony Winter, chief technology officer, Carl Pyckhout, director of software engineering, Stefan Brands, senior software engineer, and Don Springer, R&D release foundation product manager. The app scoring was based on the business case for the app, best use of QAD Enterprise Platform capabilities, completeness of the app and the quality of development.

and the Winner is…

Congratulations to the winning team from partner ISYS-ON! Ferenc Mészáros, team leader of product development from ISYS-ON Information Consulting Ltd., describing the QAD Enterprise Platform said, “It is very easy to develop on the platform. End users can create and develop extensions on their own in only a few hours. They can perform development tasks with only a few clicks, like creating new data tables, loading initial data, generating new maintenance forms with configurable screens, browses and adding KPIs, just to name a few of the most important features.”

Participants at the QAD Teamwork Hackathon were quite impressed with the ease of use and intuitive functionality of the QAD Enterprise Platform. Vaclav Macha, consultant/lead programmer with Minerva Česká Republika, a.s. said, “What came as the greatest surprise was the flexible, swift and straightforward development approach; where from imagination to realization, only one day was required to build and deploy working, real-life usable applications.”

Ron Racine, senior technical consultant with Strategic Information Group remarked, “The QAD Enterprise Platform is truly a game changer for both customers and partners. This was clearly shown during the hackathon where we had minimal training and a very short development window, yet the teams created surprisingly useful and full-featured applications that blended seamlessly with the other QAD functions.”

Check out ISYS-ON’s full presentation below.

Can developers really learn to use a new development platform and produce useful business applications in just 2 days of development time?

The answer in the case of QAD Enterprise Platform is, “Yes!” The platform provides a low code, highly intuitive development environment where technical personnel and even business analysts can create business components and complete applications in a remarkably short time. The guided development approach means new business components can be created without writing a single line of code. To meet more advanced requirements, business components can be augmented with Typescript code (a JavaScript variant) and Object Oriented Advanced Business Logic.

Why did QAD develop the QAD Enterprise Platform?

In today’s business environment, QAD users need to be able to react quickly to changing business conditions that may require new software functionality to support new business strategies. QAD community developers need to be able to create applications and functionality in a faster and more efficient way than ever before. The QAD Enterprise Platform enables QAD customers and partners to rapidly develop and deploy the additional software capabilities that can give them a competitive advantage in their marketplace. Similarly, QAD developers are able to benefit from the QAD Enterprise Platform by accelerating the development process for QAD apps. The QAD Enterprise Platform is a key, long-term competitive advantage for the QAD community.

How can QAD customers obtain and leverage the QAD Enterprise Platform?

The QAD Enterprise Platform is available as part of the recent editions of QAD Cloud ERP that includes the Channel Islands User Experience (UX), particularly QAD Cloud ERP 2018. Customers can contact QAD to find out more about QAD Enterprise Platform, and how to upgrade to a recent version of QAD Cloud ERP in order to take advantage of the QAD Enterprise Platform and Channel Islands UX.

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