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Have you ever wondered how businesses track the way people shop and the reasons people buy? What about ways in which companies innovate to keep their products relevant?

There are a number of misconceptions about buying habits and how they affect buyer satisfaction. With a rapid rate of change happening across all industries right now, these misconceptions can lead to a potential disconnection between a buyer and seller. Moreover, changing customer demands and competing forces in buying decisions can make it difficult to create value and meaning in the buying process.

Uncovering the Jobs to Be Done

In order to meet market challenges head-on, it is important for businesses to understand a product’s purpose in order to make improving their products easier. There are jobs to be done, and for those who seek to push forward in an ever-evolving business environment, strategies to consider from recognized leaders in innovation.

We are thrilled to announce innovation expert Bob Moesta, president of The ReWired Group and adjunct fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation, as this year’s QAD Explore keynote speaker! A leader in the creation, development and launch of new products and services, Moesta has spent the past 30 years working on and helping to launch more than 3,500 new products, services and businesses.

The ReWired Group, a Detroit-based end-to-end innovation consulting group, was founded by Moesta to share knowledge and teach innovation skills to help companies and innovators make progress toward doing things better, faster and cheaper. The consulting group tackles the emotions organizations experience year-round and helps to uncover the clarity they seek when the landscape changes.

Bob’s Keynote at Explore 2019

On Tuesday, May 7th, Bob Moesta will take the main stage at Explore to present his keynote, Jobs to Be Done in a Changing World, discussing strategies for making demand-side innovation more predictable and successful. He will also cover the importance of Lean practices and developing better, faster, more profitable products.

Moesta is best known for being a principal architect of the Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) theory. The premise of JTBD is that people do not actually buy products; they hire them to do a job. Features and benefits are part of the buying decision but not the causal reason. The JTBD framework helps innovators and businesses to understand causality as well as what drives consumers to buy.

To get a better idea of what to expect at this year’s conference, check out this simple explanation of the theory of JTBD and how it can be applied to new and existing products.

Register Early and Save

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