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Food and beverage manufacturing can be complex and challenging. For professionals in this industry, only a few things are guaranteed. They will always be busy. There will not be much time to stop and look around to see what is happening in the industry outside the four walls of their own world. Luckily in today’s digital age, there are resources available that are easy to access.

A Resource for Manufacturers

There are several resources available to learn about everything from industry trends and solutions to day-to-day challenges manufacturers face, especially in today’s changing marketplace. One such resource is a publication called Food Logistics. Food Logistics, published by AC Business Media, is an online resource as well as a hard copy print magazine dedicated to the food and beverage industry. It has been serving as a food industry guide for all areas of logistics, manufacturing, supply chain and project management for years.

Each year, Food Logistics showcases software and technology companies that are leaders within the food and beverage industry. Their solutions and services provide companies the opportunity to improve productivity and gain efficiencies within their enterprise. They are a highly trusted source of information for the food industry. In fact, Food Logistics is the only publication exclusively dedicated to covering the movement of product through the global food supply chain, and last year, QAD was named to its 2018 FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers list.  

Global Industry Recognition

The FL100+ is now in its 15th year and showcases software and technology companies that specialize in products designed to address the unique challenges within the food and beverage supply chain. This list offers an inside look at companies whose products and services ensure efficient transportation and warehousing, minimize operational waste, facilitate safe operations and assure regulatory compliance. The focus is on the unique needs of companies in the food supply chain, including manufacturers, retailers, grocery wholesalers and convenience store and food service distributors. Companies are selected based on input from Food Logistics readers, as well as discussions with industry analysts and consultants.

“The digital supply chain continues its rapid emergence, bringing with it expanded capabilities that impact visibility, security, compliance and efficiency,” said Lara L. Sowinski, editorial director for Food Logistics. “Every aspect of the global food supply chain stands to benefit from new and innovative software and technology that is fundamentally changing the global food supply chain.”

Leading the Way in Food and Beverage ERP

As the vertical lead for Consumer Products and Food and Beverage, I feel this is a significant achievement for QAD to be included in this list of top providers. Food Logistics is a trusted source. To have their recommendation is crucial as this is an independent opinion that states that QAD is a significant player in the Food and Beverage space. To be a successful global food and beverage manufacturer in these challenging times, it is critical that manufacturers employ a flexible and agile enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution – one that grows and adapts to changing business requirements.

QAD solutions are built specifically to meet the needs of global food and beverage manufacturers for today and tomorrow. With over 500 food and beverage manufacturing sites live in over 85 countries, QAD has a proven record of providing effective cloud ERP solutions for food and beverage manufacturers assisting them in becoming agile, effective enterprises.