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Each year, QAD’s Customer Success Marketing team searches the globe for examples of our most innovative and agile customers. As part of the interview process, we approach them with important questions like, ‘what makes you unique in your industry?’, ‘what challenges do you face in today’s market?’, and ‘what advanced technologies are you implementing into your business processes?’. From there, we identify key talking points and capture it all on camera to produce our Customer Success Showcase videos. These videos are featured each year at QAD Explore, the company’s premier customer conference, and give attendees a glimpse into some of the successes and challenges their fellow manufacturers are facing today.

Creating a Customer Showcase Video

Have you ever wondered what goes into the creation of a customer showcase video? The process is quite simple actually. Sure, there’s plenty of planning and coordination in advance on our part, but our customers tell us they enjoy sharing their story. The Customer Success Marketing team travels to a location of the customer’s choice – a corporate headquarters or a manufacturing site they feel best illustrates what they do – and spends two days on-site filming. The first day is an ‘interview day’. We plan out the discussion topics in advance with the customer team so it’s really less of an interview and more of a conversation. None of our videos are scripted and nothing is memorized.

The second day is our ‘B-roll” day. This is the opportunity for us to get down to the shop floor and film the actual manufacturing process. Our customers make some pretty amazing things and it’s fascinating to see how it’s done. We’ve captured everything from the injection molding process to chocolate bars coming down the production line. There can be real challenges when attempting to capture these manufacturing processes. But sometimes the main challenge is the smell of chocolate wafting through the air, which can make it hard to concentrate on work! 

After two days of filming, our team is left with the difficult task of cutting all that great footage down to a couple of minutes for each video. Because the stories aren’t scripted, the conversations we had with our customers really determines how the final video will look and sound. Each Customer Success Showcase video is unique because each of our customers are unique. However, there is usually a common theme. Yes, our customers make very different products, but they often face similar challenges. All are experiencing disruption in their respective industries, and all are searching for ways to keep up with the rapid pace of business. 

Successes with QAD ERP Software & Solutions

This year we produced five customer showcase videos for Explore in New Orleans, featuring a wide variety of our customers and their industries including high-tech, industrial, life sciences and food and beverage.

AsteelFlash Group (AFG) is a premier contract manufacturer and services provider of electronic manufacturing services (EMS). It produces printed circuit boards, box-builds and full products for a variety of markets. This video highlights AFG’s adoption of advanced technologies in partnership with QAD and the benefits they have begun to realize in their business.

Pulead Technology Industry Co., Ltd. is a China-based company focused on research and development, production, sales and service of lithium-ion battery materials and electric vehicle power. In this video, Pulead shares how the implementation of QAD High Tech ERP has given them better data accuracy and consistency, helping them to keep up with the speed of their industry and compete in the rapidly growing electric vehicle market.

De Bortoli Wines is one of the largest and oldest family-owned wineries in Australia. They are dedicated to the sustainability, quality and optimization of their wine as well as the winemaking process. Using QAD Food and Beverage ERP, they have developed several processes that allow for improved traceability and scheduling from the grape to the glass.

MTF Biologics is the largest tissue bank in the world and is dedicated to providing clinically sound, safe tissue. In their highly regulated industry, quality and traceability are vital. In this video, MTF Biologics illustrates how their technology partnership with QAD Life Sciences ERP enables them to maintain quality by monitoring the tissue as it moves through the process. Ultimately, this allows them to honor the donations they have received and save lives.

i2O produces smart water network solutions for communities around the world. This means reducing leakages and implementing water conservation measures in communities that are struggling with a lack of water. In this video, i2O shares the story of how they helped a major city overcome a critical water shortage through the use of their smart water solution. They also highlight the importance of data and how QAD and the new QAD User Experience enable them to access and better manage that data.

Showcase Your Next Success

A very special thank you to all the customers who participated this year (and years past, too!). We appreciate the time and effort and hope you had as much fun shooting the videos as we did! Are you interested in sharing your story with your colleagues at Explore 2020? Comment and let us know. We are always looking for more great examples of the amazing things you do as effective enterprises!


  1. I always enjoy the showcase videos. So many business from different industries giving a snapshot of how they do things. I have a great story to share. At Wright Manufacturing, Inc., we produce world-class lawnmowers and accessories that focus on our customers’ needs for quality, efficiency, and safety. In business for over 25 years, Wright paved the way for the stand-on mowing experience by inventing and securing patents for the technology in the late 1990s. Today, Wright is the premier producer of various stand-on, walk-behind, and seated lawnmower configurations known for reliability and quality. Our QAD journey is a good one. In early 2013, faced with increasing sales growth and need for better manufacturing control, the Wright management team investigated and selected QAD as its very first ERP solution. In no time at all, Wright evolved into a data-driven manufacturer practicing lean production principles and also gained new insights into finance, inventory, sales, and purchasing activities. Today, Wright faces numerous challenges such as: adapting to increasing sales growth; growing staff levels; and a need to analyze more data for better customer responsiveness. To meet these challenges, Wright is planning in the next few months to upgrade and migrate its on-premise QAD Enterprise Edition solution to the newer cloud offering and newer QAD technologies, such as Automated Solutions, Production Orders, and the Web UI experience. Our continued goal for QAD products is to put better information into the hands of decision makers, enhance production and other business activities, and ultimately drive a more-successful customer experience. Thanks for considering us.