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QAD is pleased to announce the availability of QAD Adaptive ERP 2019, the latest version of QAD’s flagship ERP solution that includes the Adaptive User Experience (UX) and the QAD Enterprise Platform. We are also excited to unveil updates to several other areas in the QAD solution portfolio. The goals of all our innovations are to improve user productivity, enhance operational efficiency and boost the organizational agility needed to rapidly respond to changing business environments.

QAD Adaptive ERP 2019 Highlights

For QAD Adaptive ERP, enhancements span all of the business-oriented areas of the solution, the Adaptive UX and the QAD Enterprise Platform, including:

  • QAD Enterprise Platform now supports multiple indexes for faster sorting and data retrieval. Alerts and approvals can be applied to extension fields for improved user productivity.  
  • In QAD Action Centers, we have updated the UX to support a more dynamic and interactive experience. Users now have the ability to perform dynamic filtering, chart drill-down, conditional coloring, chart linkage and other capabilities to improve decision-making. Twenty-seven new Action Centers have been developed and include more than 200 predefined KPIs.
  • Building on our March 2019 release, the QAD Enterprise Asset Management user experience has been further enhanced, particularly focused on purchasing and inventory aspects. In addition, Maintenance Action Center KPIs have improved analytic capabilities, and cost analysis now takes advantage of unified purchasing tax calculations for greater accuracy.
  • In the Customer Management and Service Management areas, the customer-scheduled orders and release capability offers greater visibility and improved visualization to enhance customer service levels and exception management capabilities. The ability to identify and react to exceptions in a timely manner is critical to maintain customer satisfaction and avoid premium freight charges. Field Service Management delivers Service Contract Maintenance, allowing manufacturers to more quickly and simply create new contracts. Two new Field Service Action Centers have been added to better support service managers.
  • In the Financials area, QAD Fixed Assets was re-engineered to fully utilize the Adaptive UX. Assets can now be recorded and tracked within our dynamic Web UI, resulting in more efficient processes and lower associated asset management costs.
  • QAD Manufacturing has boosted user productivity with the Adaptive UX in the areas of planning, quality and inventory. We have also introduced new production planning, smoothing and leveling capabilities, which are used to level orders on production lines while considering capacity constraints to enhance production efficiency.
  • In the Supply Chain area, we’ve introduced a more streamlined process for updating Supplier Scheduled Order information using the Adaptive UX. Users can better monitor supplier releases and immediately identify any schedule irregularities or issues to ensure the proper requirements are being communicated to the suppliers in order to meet customer demands.

Other QAD Solution Highlights

Some of the additional highlights of new versions of the solutions related to QAD Adaptive ERP include:

  • QAD Dynasys DSCP has enhanced mobile capabilities, introduced embedded intelligence, and added agile planning capabilities, where the system senses changes in demand and provides the most appropriate response. Developments in the area of machine learning and planning options provide more intelligence and improve forecast modeling accuracy.
  • Several features of the QAD Supplier Portal were enhanced, such as Supplier Delivery Performance KPIs and Invoice Self Service to help manufacturers maximize supplier performance and collaboration. The QAD Supplier Portal now takes full advantage of the Adaptive UX.
  • QAD CEBOS Enterprise Quality Management System added new Program Quote Management (PQM) capabilities to support packaging specifications during the initial commercialization stage of a product or program. Adding the packaging specifications to PQM significantly streamlines the initial quote process, improves the approval process and fully monitors packaging revisions.
  • Lastly, the QAD Internationalization (I19) program continues to help manufacturers reduce risk and improve profitability by lowering the cost of compliance when doing business globally. QAD Adaptive ERP 2019 supports 64 countries. 

Key Contributors

QAD wants to thank our customers and partners who played a crucial role in our product development and shared their ideas with us, contributing to the many enhancements we are unveiling today. We also want to thank QAD’s business consultants and vertical expert teams for similarly identifying changes in manufacturing business best practices and industry changes that are reflected in this release. Finally, thank you to the QAD R&D team for their dedication and expertise. QAD knows that its customers depend on QAD’s solutions to work correctly and perform optimally, and our R&D team unfailingly supports these objectives with a never-ending attention to quality.