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Changes in the business environment and in the way products are manufactured impact a manufacturer’s tactics, as well as any related business processes. The ability of the ERP solution to respond to change, to deliver fit over time and continue to support new business processes, will determine its effectiveness. Many traditional ERP solutions were not designed for change and are unable to support “last mile” functionality unique to each manufacturer.

Easy Upgrades

Extend Functionality

Low-code No-code

QAD Enterprise Platform enables manufacturers to maximize the return on their ERP investment by easily achieving greater levels of fit today and rapidly responding to change for tomorrow. It allows manufacturers to rapidly extend and create new applications that are dependable, secure and scalable. Upgrading is faster and easier, which helps manufacturers stay current and reduces the gap between business needs and ERP. It also simplifies the adoption of new capabilities and advanced technologies.

QAD Enterprise Platform maximizes ERP ROI through the ability to easily fit current needs and prepare for future change.

A Future Proof ERP System

The QAD Enterprise Platform simplifies the delivery of functionality unique to each manufacturer’s needs without creating a rigid ERP system in the long-term. This means that future upgrades are not impaired or complicated by enhancements, supporting digital transformation.

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Enterprise Platform:

Eliminating ERP Customizations

Traditional ERP systems achieve greater fit though customizations, which are costly and time-consuming to create and maintain. Customizations make ERP more rigid and upgrades to the latest functionality more difficult. The QAD Enterprise Platform provides a better way for manufacturers to:

  • Reduce costs by quickly adopting advanced technologies in a business context, supporting digital transformation
  • Gain real-time business insight for better decision-making and key performance measurement with embedded analytics and sophisticated KPI tools
  • Meet manufacturer-specific business requirements by quickly extending applications to help meet changing business priorities, processes and data needs
  • Improve efficiency and customer responsiveness by upgrading to new versions quickly

Quickly adopt advanced technologies today and tomorrow, supporting digital transformation.

QAD Enterprise Platform + Channel Islands UX

With an ERP system at its core, the QAD Enterprise Platform has the proven ability to run mission-critical, complex applications at scale, delivering greater than 99.5% application uptime in the cloud. Enhance your experience of the QAD Enterprise Platform with Channel Islands UX.

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Mint Jutras: QAD Channel Islands

What started as a "user experience" initiative has been transformed into a full-featured platform: the QAD Enterprise Platform.

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