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EXPLORE 2020 UPDATE: Over the past few months, we have seen increasing global disruption due to the impact of COVID-19. With our focus on the health and safety of our customers, partners, and employees, we have made the decision to cancel Explore 2020 in Las Vegas. At this time, we understand the needs of our customers to focus on their employees, customers and business. For more information, please visit explore.qad.com.

Manufacturers around the world are facing an existential crisis. Not the kind tied to speculations on the purpose of life. No, this is the kind that has businesses coping with the direct and indirect effects of disruption. And just when you thought it couldn’t get more complicated, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain and other advanced technologies have entered the space with the potential to become integral elements in the manufacturing industry.

So, what can manufacturers do to overcome this “crisis” and become agile and effective? And how can manufacturers find a way to adapt, innovate and adjust their business models to ride the wave of disruptive change?

Welcome to Explore

Since the 90s, Explore has educated and guided QAD’s community of manufacturers to success, offering the latest vision for the future of ERP for manufacturing. This year, QAD will host its Explore customer conference in Las Vegas, Nevada (May 11-14) with a focus on the ever-increasing disruption global manufacturers are facing now and into the future.

QAD Explore serves as a habitat for insights; a confluence of ideas and innovation from our global manufacturing community. There you will spend the week connecting with others in your industry — from over 30 countries — and hearing about the latest trends, QAD solutions, and best practices from industry innovators, ERP specialists and subject matter experts.

Choose from Our Hand-picked Keynote and Breakout Sessions

What types of discussions can you expect at our biggest customer conference of the year? The QAD Explore 2020 agenda offers more than 30 thought-provoking sessions from industry experts, all of which qualify for APICS/ASCM certification maintenance credits. Each session falls into one of three customized track categories:

The Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise [AME] — Global manufacturers are facing ever-increasing disruption caused by technology-driven innovation and changing consumer preferences. In order to survive and thrive, manufacturers must be able to innovate and change business models at unprecedented rates of speed. QAD calls these manufacturing companies Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises. Learn about how QAD helps Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises rapidly respond to and plan for an increasingly disruptive global business environment.

Next Generation ERP [NGE] — A next generation ERP enables the Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise. Learn about the five components of QAD’s next generation ERP: QAD Adaptive ERP, Adaptive UX, QAD Enterprise Platform, advanced technology and industry best practices.

Customer Experience [CX] — Learn from QAD customers as they share how QAD solutions have helped in meeting the challenges their businesses have faced as well as their experiences in implementing QAD cloud solutions.

Our Top Agenda Picks

Listed below are some of our top breakout session recommendations. You can also view the full agenda for a complete look at the broad range of Explore 2020 session topics.

QAD Support of Operational Execution [AME] — QAD’s offering has been extended with operational capability in the form of Production Execution. This capability also includes QAD Automation Solutions, QAD Quality Management System (QMS), QAD Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and core ERP functionality.

QAD Enterprise Platform [NGE] — Don’t delay upgrading to Adaptive ERP due to large customizations. Learn how using the Enterprise Platform can accelerate converting your customizations quickly and cost-effectively through a real-life case study.

GHSP: Metal Stamping to High-Tech Electronics: A Business Redefined [CX] — GHSP has reinvented itself. It has roots as an automotive stamper, then it moved into electronic gear shifts, and now it is providing components for major appliances. With this change in their core business came the need for an evolution of their ERP. With QAD solutions, GHSP is poised not only to handle the change, but also to take advantage of opportunities that other companies are not able to consider.

Bring Your Networking Hat!

When asked about their favorite part of Explore, past attendees usually respond with a resounding “the networking!” It’s true. QAD Explore is an excellent opportunity to hear from us, but it’s also an opportunity to connect and reconnect with your industry peers. And this year’s customer conference will be no different. In addition to all the great keynotes and breakout sessions, QAD will host a number of great networking events and opportunities to let loose, share stories and have fun!

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