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QAD is pleased to announce the availability of QAD Adaptive ERP 2020, the latest version of QAD’s flagship next generation ERP solution that includes the Adaptive User Experience (UX) and the QAD Enterprise Platform. We are also excited to unveil updates to many other areas in the QAD Adaptive Applications solution portfolio.

This latest release further enhances our customers’ ability to intelligently adopt and boost adaptive manufacturing capabilities. Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprises can effectively address the increasing pace of change and disruption companies face today. QAD’s team has taken great pride in delivering new capabilities that allow manufacturers to better address tomorrow’s challenges and rapidly respond to disruption in the marketplace.

QAD Adaptive ERP 2020 Highlights

For QAD Adaptive ERP, enhancements include:

  • QAD Enterprise Platform has added capabilities that allow users and developers to securely create extensions or applications with little or no coding. We have improved the developer life cycle when creating new applications with added capabilities around Type Scripting and Formula processing. Additionally, we have improved error handling to better address data retrieval issues and enhance data access.
  • Action Centers have seen additional updates with Adaptive UX to support a more dynamic and interactive experience. Users now have enhanced KPI maintenance capabilities and faster data retrieval to improve decision making. With more support for interactive decision making, a user is now able to link multiple KPIs together, enhancing the analysis capabilities for better decision making. View-As capability leverages the record level security by displaying data specific to the user so the same action center will show personalized data based on the specified user.
  • In the Customer and Service Management areas, greater usability and flexibility have been delivered across Customer Scheduled Orders, Sales and Field Service Management capabilities to enhance customer service levels and exception management capabilities. A new Customer Relationship Management for Manufacturers solution has been developed to address the specific needs of manufacturers in the areas of lead, opportunity, campaign and account management. The new CRM for Manufacturers solution is fully integrated within QAD Adaptive ERP, which provides manufacturers a comprehensive and single view of their customer to align efforts that deliver an optimal customer experience.
  • QAD Enterprise Asset Management has improved plant maintenance, capital projects and MRO purchasing capabilities for improved asset utilization and lower costs. New KPIs have been added to track Meantime-Between-Failure (MTBF), Meantime-to-Repair (MTTR) and PM Schedule Compliance. Newly added functionality includes a single Store Requisition to better manage issues, returns, reserves, unreserves and spot buy requisitions. Capital Projects is now more tightly integrated with QAD Fixed Assets and cost analysis has been updated for taxes.
  • QAD Financials boosted the user experience for greater efficiency and personalization across accounts payables, accounts receivables, general ledger, banking and other financial areas.
  • QAD Manufacturing delivers additional automation and improved usability for planning, production, forecasting and quality activities. Additionally, Production Scheduling Automation is now available to more effectively create the master production schedule, leverage smoothing rules to distribute production orders and allocate orders across production lines. Based on multiple techniques and algorithms, production schedulers can now manage their activities by exception.
  • In the Supply Chain area, we’ve introduced a more streamlined process for purchase order creation, release and receiving. Optimization rules have now been added for supplier milk runs to improve vehicle capacity utilization and reduce landed costs. Firm Purchasing and Release to Purchase Order now provides the ability to automatically route for required approvals. Additionally, PO re-approvals can now be managed based on certain tolerance limits.

Other QAD Adaptive Applications Highlights

Highlights for new versions of the solutions related to QAD Adaptive ERP include:

  • QAD Dynasys DSCP has enhanced mobile capabilities, increased embedded intelligence and delivered added analytics capabilities. Developments in the area of machine learning and planning options continue to provide more intelligence and improve forecast modeling accuracy.
  • QAD CEBOS Quality Management System added new capabilities to streamline the supplier RFQ process and the scheduling of supplier performance reviews. With this latest version there are more self service capabilities for suppliers to access their performance information, allowing them to control the relationship with their customer.
  • QAD Precision Global Trade & Transportation Execution has added new import management capabilities allowing manufacturers to better meet import regulatory requirements and avoid trade risks. The new capabilities include Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) classification, duty modeling, Free Trade Agreements (FTA) classification, supplier denied party screening and Automated Broker Interface (ABI) compatible data. This allows companies to address recent global trade turbulence, reduce product landed costs and avoid delays due to unforeseen admissibility requirements.

Key Contributors

QAD’s customers and partners play a key role in our product development efforts by sharing ideas and affirming the business benefits for new capabilities. I’d like to personally pass along QAD’s gratitude to these individuals and teams that contributed to this latest release of QAD Adaptive ERP and QAD Adaptive Applications. This includes a big thank you to QAD’s business consultants, vertical experts and others that continually identify manufacturing and industry best practices changes that are addressed in this release.

Finally, thank you to the QAD R&D team for continuing to deliver solutions and enhancements that help adaptive manufacturing enterprises gain actionable business insights, effectively address business turbulence and more rapidly respond to business changes.