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We are excited to introduce the Strange Bedfellows: The Convergence of the Automotive & Life Sciences Industries to Fight COVID-19 podcast mini-series, which can be accessed here

Two Industries Fighting Against COVID-19 Together

When we first started the podcast, it was at a time when COVID-19 had only recently emerged. QAD’s Michael Kolias, vice president of life sciences, and I noticed an emerging convergence trend in both the Automotive and Life Sciences industries. Two industries as bedfellows of sorts. And so began Strange Bedfellows.

In a strange twist, these two industries have been put together in an effort to fight COVID-19. Mike and I discuss everything from government requirements, social distancing, shelter-in-place orders, and how they’ve affected manufacturing, even down to the difficulties of purchasing and inventory management of PPE to support anti-infection strategies. The arc of the Strange Bedfellows podcast series, told over the span of three episodes, discusses those challenges, and it finishes by discussing the nature and challenges of restarting manufacturing environments across the globe, in both industries. The key takeaway: we are all in this together.

Our format is straightforward. Mike and I discuss the current manufacturing environment for Automotive and Life Sciences. Normally, these two verticals would not be discussed together. However, you’ll find the give and take enlightening as we realize that some best practices are fitting for anyone. We’ll cover current issues and how they affect manufacturing in an easy-to-digest, succinct format so that you don’t have to piece together a story by trying to chase down multiple sources. We will handle the research and bring it together to get you the information you need.

Listen, Educate and Subscribe

This was just the beginning of our podcast journey, and we will continue to offer topics for discussion pertinent to the industries QAD serves. At QAD, we want to be there for our customers in every possible way, so we encourage you—and anyone interested in following alongto listen, educate yourself and your colleagues, and of course, subscribe to QAD Podcasts.

Tom Roberts
Tom serves as QAD's Vice President, Automotive and Mobility Sector. His career in IT has covered all the bases. From answering help desk calls at EDS, to consulting for Accenture, to enabling Manufacturing, Procurement, and Shared Services Operations for Johnson Controls, and to serving as Vice President & Chief Information Officer for Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, he's had a lot of opportunity. Today, Tom talks to QAD clients old and new about how today's cloud-based ERP technology can deliver high value to global automotive enterprises.