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In our previous Actionable Insights blog, we discussed the Inventory Data Health Action Center. Next, we will provide an overview of the Production On Time and in Full by Product Family Action Center as well as the associated key performance indicators (KPIs).

One of the most effective ways to ensure a customer’s satisfaction with the delivery of their orders is to ensure they receive the items they ordered in the correct quantities and on the expected date. That’s why most manufacturers include production on time and in full (OTIF) in their KPI roster. Knowing what is happening in production allows manufacturers to take steps to improve delivery prospects or notify customers before problems get out of hand. That’s where the Production OTIF by Product Family Action Center can play a vital role.

KPIs on the Production OTIF by Product Family Action Center

QAD Action Centers provide analytics to help both managers and users monitor metrics and KPIs. KPI highlights for the Production OTIF by Product Family Action Center include:

Product Family OTIF—At a Glance

This visual is a table that shows overall OTIF performance by product family and site for a three-month period. Seeing the information in a table can provide an early warning of negative trends and help to ensure that critical products are scheduled at the best-performing sites.

Site OTIF from Product Family Data—At a Glance

Like the above, this visual shows three months of OTIF performance by product family, but it shows selected sites. This is useful for site managers to monitor the performance of sites under their control and to take steps to resolve any incipient problems. The manager can investigate work centers that are not performing well in a certain product family to determine the cause of poor performance. They can then increase preventive maintenance or upgrade training, equipment and tooling as necessary to improve results.

OTIF Percentage of All Orders by Family and Site by Week

This visual is a line graph that shows performance by product family and site for a 13-week period. Most often, this Action Center is used to monitor performance for early warning of problems so managers can take steps to resolve the problems before delivery performance falls too far. Delivery issues may be because of falling yields or unplanned downtime, for example. Knowing a problem exists allows the manager to investigate and undertake remedial actions before the problem can affect customer satisfaction or the company’s ability to meet its revenue targets.

Production Orders OTIF Percentage by Site from Product Family Data by Period

Covering at least 13 weeks of product family OTIF data, this visual shows overall site performance. This can provide critical high-level insight into problems at a particular site, enabling management to investigate any problems. The manager may recognize the problem is confined to a specific product family or a production line or work center, which is the first step in identifying and correcting the underlying issue.

production on time and in full, insights, metrics, OTIF

The Importance of the Production OTIF by Product Family Action Center

By default, the visuals on the Production OTIF by Product Family show all sites and all product families, but users have the option to narrow down the data set on both dimensions by selecting one or more product families and one or more sites. This provides a simple way to move from high-level general data to hone in on the site(s) and product family or families that may have issues.

Once managers have identified the problem areas, they can more easily determine why the problem is occurring. That enables them to take the proper remedial actions, whether that includes enhanced preventive maintenance, increased employee training, new replacement tooling or any other variable. Managers may also decide to adapt their production schedules by moving the affected product family work to an unaffected site while they complete their investigation and resolution process. Fast action minimizes the impact on the company’s ability to satisfy customer expectations, and it may also protect the company’s ability to meet its target revenue goals. This Action Center provides the insight managers need to keep the company performing at its peak.

Manufacturers today must adapt and change in response to customer demands and the realities of their internal conditions. The Production OTIF by Product Family Action Center helps ensure that manufacturers can act quickly to resolve changes. QAD Adaptive ERP helps companies respond to internal production issues and changing market forces quickly before it can affect their standing with customers.

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