Next Generation ERP

Exponential change in manufacturing complicates the route companies must take to become an Effective Enterprise. Traditional tactics, processes and strategies no longer meet the challenges of tomorrow’s business environment. Big ERP solutions burden manufacturers with long and complex implementations, unpredictable costs and rigidity that prevents the solution from supporting changing business needs. To meet these evolving business requirements, manufacturers need a next generation ERP.




A next generation ERP combines advanced digital technologies with industry best practices to help companies rapidly respond to change. QAD Cloud ERP provides manufacturers the agility to meet new and developing requirements and become a more Effective Enterprise.

QAD Adaptive ERP Helps Leverage Industry Disruptors

In working with manufacturers, we identified three broad areas of business disruption. QAD delivers adaptive ERP solutions to keep pace with the change, and more importantly to exploit it for competitive advantage.

Anything as a Service (XaaS)

Business model where outcomes are sold instead of products, resulting in a shift in what manufacturers offer.

Make to Order at Scale

End users' expectation that products and services will be personalized to meet their unique needs and requirements.

Digital Transformation

Acquisition of enterprise-wide and value chain data for the purpose of measuring and optimizing company processes to deliver greater company performance in a rapidly changing business.

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