Retaining customers is essential for manufacturers’ growth and healthy margins. Customer loyalty is directly related to how well customers are serviced. Service excellence in manufacturing starts with picking up the phone on a timely basis. It also means addressing contractual inquiries, managing warranties, dealing with incidents and escalations and efficiently processing returns. Successful service-related inventory and asset management means that parts and equipment are readily available for customers, yet manufacturers want to avoid excess inventory and related costs. Many manufactures deploy field engineers. and need to ensure that engineers have the right schedule, priorities, travel information, customer information and inventory for productive service visits.


The QAD Service and Support Management solution supports manufacturers in all phases of the services lifecycle, including feedback to product development from the services team. It helps manufacturers manage service orders, control service inventory, integrate service information into customer analysis, ensure that the valuable time of engineers is spent productively and successfully, and that information from all customer-related activities is available to servicing personnel.

  • Improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by reducing average wait times and ensuring representatives and field engineers have the tools, information and parts needed to help customers
  • Reduce operating costs by streamlining service and support operations through a fully integrated set of service, customer, inventory and financial data processes
  • Reduce average time to solve by providing dispatchers complete problem and repair information and giving full visibility into service engineer schedules, skills and related parts inventory
  • Decrease service inventory costs without sacrificing service quality by increasing inventory visibility, resulting in accurate plans and less excess inventory
  • Increase service revenue by facilitating warranty renewals, automated invoicing for service contracts and ensuring accurate invoicing of billable services
  • Increase warranty renewal rates by extending contracts with automatic triggers for renewal invoices
  • Improve field services margins by optimizing travel time, reducing wait time for parts and providing field engineers the information they need on mobile devices to successful resolve customers issues and to meet service level agreements


QAD Service and Support Management (QAD SSM) provides a comprehensive set of capabilities for manufacturers to effectively manage and perform servicing activities. It helps manufacturers improve customer satisfaction, controls servicing costs, supports the generation of services-based revenue and helps manages spare part and related equipment inventories. The core component, service and support management, is part of the overall solution provided by QAD Cloud ERP and QAD Enterprise Applications (on premise). QAD Service and Support Management also offers two related solutions: QAD Field Service Scheduler and QAD Mobile Field Service, that together help meet the needs of manufactures with field service engineers and onsite customer support. 

  • Help service representatives manages installation, ongoing support, maintenance and repair including coverage by warranty or service contracts with tracking of engineering resources
  • Capture complete installed base information at the customer and end-user levels, including configuration, model, serial number, installation date, warranty coverage and repair history
  • Provide full service information including fault codes, highlighting potential quality issues before they become major problems.
  • Effectively manage service calls using priority codes, work codes, queues and user-defined escalation processes to set priorities and address key issues
  • Manage returns processing, optionally issuing replacement items before receipt of the returned item with automatic invoice or credit generation
  • Generate work orders for evaluation and repair
  • Manage return to stock and returns to the original supplier
  • Simplify warranty renewals and track warranty expiration dates to realize appropriate service charges for products not under contract
  • Provides field engineers needed customer data, communications, and scheduling on mobile devices; includes pipelines and forecasts and parts inventory to improve engineer productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Maintains detailed spare parts inventory, regardless of location
  • Uses service bills and routings to anticipate service parts requirements, improving inventory planning and facilitating parts and equipment for field service engineers


QAD Service and Support Management includes a comprehensive set of capabiities and two related solutions for manufacturers offerings field engingeering services.

Service and Support Management core capabilities provide services and related information and tools to service representatives, field engineers and other customer-facing personnel. It helps increase services revenue and margin, builds loyalty, control costs and reduces average wait times and time to resolution.

  • Helps manufacturers manage installation, support, maintenance and repair and includes full warranty/service contract tracking
  • Tracks engineering resources
  • Handles returns and simplifies warranty renewal
  • Tracks detail spare parts inventory
  • Captures full installed based information like configuration, model and serial number
  • Provides call management with escalation handling and the ability to helps ensure top priority issues are addressed

QAD Field Service Scheduler is an additional, related solution to the core service and support management. It helps decrease service costs and improve customer satisfaction through more effective field service response and resolution.

  • Centralizes and integrates scheduling and allocation of field service personnel and service part inventories
  • Identifies the right engineer for resolution via effective call management and dispatching
  • Matches engineer skills and available parts inventory to best address a customer’s problem
  • Reduces engineers’ travel and makes it easy to visualize plans and schedules with drag-and-drop Gantt charts
  • Provides service level agreement performance visibility to help the engineer meet contractual obligations

QAD Mobile Field Service provides a mobile solution that works with the rest of QAD Service and Support Management to Increase service level agreement compliance, reduce errors, reduce customer disputes and give the engineer all the information needed to successfully service customers.

  • Allows field service engineers to use mobile devices to review assigned calls, order parts, record customer service activities and have visibility into parts inventory
  • Communicates real-time priority and schedule changes
  • Minimizes travel and wait time for parts
  • Reduces errors with automated cost capture while on the customer site

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