Integrated Supplier Management

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Reducing Supply Chain Risks and Building Better Supplier Relationships

In today’s disruptive business environment, manufacturers require the exchange of real-time information with supply trading partners to better respond to market volatility and changing customer demands. There are benefits for developing closer relationships with suppliers to better manage the procurement of goods, rapidly respond to supply disruptions and reduce supply risks.

Solutions for Integrated Supplier Management

Integrated Supplier Management creates value for manufacturers by improving supplier collaboration and supply chain visibility allowing for faster responses to supply and demand changes. Effectively manage inbound logistics and mitigate the risks of cross-border trade. The solution facilitates real-time communication between manufacturers and suppliers while also eliminating manually intensive processes.

ANCA Simplifies Complex Communications with Suppliers with QAD Supplier Portal

Learn how grinding machine manufacturer ANCA simplified complex supply chain processes with its suppliers and improved communications and planning.

Effectively Manage Suppliers with Real-time Communication

Learn how YFAI India improved their productivity, supplier management and customer service with the QAD Supplier Portal.

Global Manufacturing Supply Chains are Facing Uncertainty

As supply chains grow in complexity, global manufacturers are faced with increasing uncertainty.

Collaborative Supplier Relationships Cut Supply Risks

Through improved supplier collaboration, manufacturers are eliminating non-value-added activities and jointly focusing on opportunities for continuous improvement.

QAD Supplier Portal: An Introduction

Collaborative processes transform a typical transaction-based association with suppliers into two-way access and a mutually beneficial relationship. This builds a more effective manufacturer-supplier partnership that lowers inbound supply costs and improves supplier performance.

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