In typical fashion, whenever I attend a school function with my kids (Thanksgiving recital, Halloween costume parade, field trip, etc.) they ditch me, and I’m left with other parents who are similarly abandoned. The awkward small talk eventually lands on the “Where do you work?” question. I reply with my well practiced “I work for QAD, we provide ERP solutions to manufacturing companies.”

When I think of our customers in a similar situation, I imagine they talk about the great products they deliver to their customers. As a manufacturer, what do you say when asked what your company does? Do you mention ERP in your explanation? It’s doubtful that you do, as it should be. After all ERP is not in your company’s mission statement, it doesn’t come up in earnings calls, and your customers really don’t care about your ERP system.

Given this, it’s surprising the amount of time and effort that manufacturers invest in administering their ERP application and infrastructure.

Cloud ERP is a Strategic Choice

Oftentimes “cloud” is portrayed as a simple deployment option. Cloud ERP is about much more than deployment, it’s a strategic choice. It’s about focusing on your core competencies and what you deliver to your customers. Manufacturers have found that deploying ERP in the cloud allows them to spend more time on their business strategy and customer satisfaction. IT resources are freed up from low value tasks to focus on high value continuous improvement projects. That’s really what it should be about, right? Stay focused on your products and customers, let your software partner worry about the application and infrastructure management.

No Headaches. No Hassles. No Compromise Cloud ERP.

Moving to the cloud should not involve compromise. Global manufactures today require full functionality ERP. Cloud ERP systems should ease the training of new users and minimize the burden on your business. You can’t see the future, but you can be prepared for it with a Cloud ERP solution with reliable uptime, fixed costs, and full-time support. Adding sites should be extremely easy; as your business grows, you need to be able to easily expand your Cloud ERP solution to new sites without complicated implementations.

Considering Moving Your ERP to the Cloud?

If you’re considering the idea of moving your ERP solution to the cloud, you’re going to want to be sure you’re asking the right questions. Find out more here.

Benefits of QAD Cloud ERP

QAD Cloud ERP is transforming global manufacturing. With a global team of services and operations personnel at your fingertips always available, multi-language support, flexible deployment options, predictable costs, and reliable security, we support your strategic choice to move to the cloud.

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