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Never before have workforces been so globally distributed, but at the same time connected. And never before has working remotely been so accessible across so many industries.

For years, remote work has been a key part of QAD Easy On Boarding (QAD EOB) methodology. Our Cloud and Support teams are spread over 15 offices in 14 countries, and Services teams spread over 29 offices in 19 countries. We’ve embraced our ability to work 100% remotely on projects, and it’s important that we stay flexible and that our level of service goes uninterrupted in the face of uncertainty.

Service Delivery in a Remote World

Project managing outside a typical work setting is more common today than ever before, especially given the COVID-19 pandemic. When faced with major disruption or unforeseen challenges, projects that are key to business success must still proceed. This is why QAD has ramped up efforts to deliver a superior level of customer service and drive fast implementation speeds to our customers, in a virtual format.

Remote work was already a growing industry trend before there was a global pandemic. In many cases, having a remote project management policy can help keep costs low, opens up opportunities for international projects with distributed teams, and helps when establishing cross-functional teams in multiple locations.

What is Needed to Utilize Remote Service Delivery?

To best utilize remote service delivery, customers will only need a computer and internet connection. QAD is prepared and fully equipped to help our customers through times when working from home or other location is a necessity. By establishing and sharing clear and consistent information on roles and expectations for both QAD and customer teams, we can help to limit manufacturing disruption following unexpected events or challenges.

QAD Services is there to develop focused agendas for short and effective sessions, helping to set and meet achievable goals. But it takes a greater level of collaboration and structured communication to make a remote delivery program successful. Our remotely engaged customers have told us they are impressed with the results they’ve seen.

What Remote Delivery Tools are Available to QAD Customers?

QAD solutions are built to help you navigate disruption. We’re built to adapt, and to find our customers a clear and steady path through whatever challenges they’re facing. When it comes to remote delivery, we have many tools available to help facilitate and provide clear communications between QAD and our customers.

Whether it’s working through project tasks or participating in workshop discussions and training exercises, collaboration from both teams is invaluable when working remotely. Structured feedback is critical, and provided regularly throughout the duration of our remote delivery of services. From ERP planning phases through to deployment, and especially in times of uncertainty, QAD Services is there every step of the way.

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