Today’s cars are undergoing changes as dramatic as anything in their century-plus history. Electrification is coming, hand-in-hand with autonomous driving capabilities. Automakers are developing some of these capabilities themselves but others, especially in the self-driving realm, are being pushed by companies like Veoneer.

Spun off from auto parts giant Autoliv in 2018, Veoneer is a leader in both passive and active safety technology. Passive safety is occupant protection in the event of an accident while active safety refers to accident prevention technologies. Radar and camera systems like those made by Veoneer are core components of active safety systems.

While part of Veoneer used their parent company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, also from QAD. Once independent they needed an ERP system of their own, and quickly.

Manufacturing in the Automotive Industry

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Veoneer India operates from multiple sites and has four warehouses. They needed a cloud ERP system that would consolidate data from these sources, offer real-time visibility into inventory and maintain common security across sites. They needed to handle a fast-changing product portfolio and they wanted the ability to view their data from anywhere, at any time.

In addition, they had two other pressing requirements. The new system had to be up and running in the least possible amount of time, and they needed the highest reliability achievable.

These points were critical for the management team at Veoneer: in the automotive industry, downtime can cost $1,000’s per minute, making it essential to avoid anything that would interrupt customer deliveries. And that’s as true after implementation as during. Understandably, Veoneer management wanted an ERP partner attuned to the automotive industry and the challenges they faced.

A Cloud-based Solution

Cloud-based ERP from QAD satisfied these requirements. Data can be accessed from anywhere while maintaining appropriate levels of security. Furthermore, with an impressive record of continuous uptime, QAD Adaptive ERP met the need for reliability. Navin Agarwal, Head of Finance at Veoneer India, summed it succinctly: “With QAD in the cloud, downtime is no longer an issue.”

Rapid Implementation

It helped that staff at Veoneer were already familiar with QAD ERP, but even so, Veoneer management were impressed. “It was the smoothest, shortest implementation I’ve ever seen,” said Agarwal.

Saving More Time and Money than Expected

Moving to the cloud eliminates routine maintenance activities. The projected savings from this were enough to give Veoneer a good ROI from the project, but the actual results exceeded their expectations. In particular, savings from reduced downtime contributed even more than anticipated.

After implementation Agarwal said, “…we have seen savings in terms of our infrastructure and we can access the data anywhere and anyplace. We could not have asked for a better partner than QAD.”

Take a look at the full case study for more insights into how QAD supported this leading-edge provider of automotive technology.