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We’ve all heard some dirty words in our time. They can be unpleasant, and they can be controversial. There are dirty words that occur in business too. They are words that are overused, misunderstood or have a bad connotation. 

We’re excited to introduce our next QAD podcast mini-series, Dirty Words, which can be accessed here. We will talk about potentially unpleasant areas in industry – the proverbial dirty words – and provide discussion and information on how to navigate them. On a regular basis, we will be tackling those concepts that affect manufacturing enterprises and almost all functions within, but with a significant focus on manufacturing and supply chains. 

Discussing Controversial Words in Business

Like our former podcast series, Strange Bedfellows, our angle is a little different than what you might normally expect. The goal is simple – we want to learn, and we want to bring you content and understanding that will hopefully help you propel aspects of your business forward.

We’ve found in QAD that by interacting regularly between different manufacturing verticals, it  greatly helps us to take the best of all worlds and bring those forward for each other, and now with this format, to our listeners.

Our format is straightforward. Michael Kolias, vice president of life sciences, and I discuss the current manufacturing environment for Automotive and Life Sciences. In Dirty Words, our effort, of course, is not placed in expanding the listener’s vocabulary of profanity, it is tackling words that often are representative of controversy or concern in the business world, with relation to Information Technology.

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Normally, these two verticals – Automotive and Life Sciences – would not be discussed together. However, you’ll find the give and take very enlightening, as we realize that some “dirty words” affect many industries. We will cover current issues within the context of those “dirty words” and how they affect manufacturing in an easily digestible, succinct format, so that you don’t have to piece together a story by trying to chase down multiple sources. We will handle the research and bring it together to get you the information you need. Stay informed by subscribing to QAD Podcasts!

Tom Roberts
Tom serves as QAD's Vice President, Automotive and Mobility Sector. His career in IT has covered all the bases. From answering help desk calls at EDS, to consulting for Accenture, to enabling Manufacturing, Procurement, and Shared Services Operations for Johnson Controls, and to serving as Vice President & Chief Information Officer for Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, he's had a lot of opportunity. Today, Tom talks to QAD clients old and new about how today's cloud-based ERP technology can deliver high value to global automotive enterprises.