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QAD is pleased to announce the availability of QAD Adaptive ERP 2020.1, the latest version of QAD’s next generation ERP solution that includes the Adaptive User Experience (UX) and the QAD Enterprise Platform. We are also excited to unveil updates to other areas in the QAD Adaptive Applications solution portfolio. This latest release further enhances our customers’ ability to boost business intelligence, innovation and agility that effectively address the increasing pace of change companies face today. With this release, QAD has delivered new adaptive manufacturing capabilities to better address tomorrow’s challenges and rapidly respond to disruption in the marketplace.

QAD Adaptive ERP 2020.1 Highlights

For QAD Adaptive ERP and QAD Adaptive Applications, the latest enhancements include:

Effective Enterprise Management

From integrated multi-currency, multi-GAAP and multi-entity financials to best practice purchasing, from shared services to real-time data and flexible data analytics, Effective Enterprise Management ensures that manufacturers operate from a trusted set of essential enterprise processes that meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs. The QAD Enterprise Platform has added capabilities that allow users and developers to securely create extensions or applications with little to no coding. We have improved the auto-generation and load of server-side scripts and progressed the design layout for greater user efficiency. Our new Mobile Platform delivers a mobile application framework and functionality that provides a modern user experience similar to Adaptive UX. Users can take advantage of the Mobile Platform across all Adaptive UX applications and will find it particularly beneficial for our new customer relationship management capabilities highlighted below.  We have provided mobile onboarding via QR code, biometric login and mobile role-based navigation for quicker data retrieval and enhanced data access. Action Centers have seen additional updates with Adaptive UX to improve the interaction and analysis of up-to-date information. With enhanced trend visibility for performance indicators, users have increased analysis capabilities for better decision-making. QAD Financials boosted the user experience for greater efficiency and personalization across accounts payables, accounts receivables, banking and other financial areas.

Complete Customer Management

Complete Customer Management delivers an outstanding customer experience that builds a company’s brand and helps acquire, sell to and retain customers with the least effort and expense. Field Service Management added new Contract Quotes that are intuitive to enter and maintain with user-friendly flows to add terms, coverage and supported products. QAD’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Manufacturers solution introduces new mobile capabilities allowing for easy access to leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities and other info – all with full add and update capabilities. With time away from the desk, our CRM mobile application enables immediate visibility and the agility to react quickly to customer insights. In addition, email and calendar integration is provided to accurately track customer activity and enhance productivity.  QAD CRM for Manufacturers is fully integrated within QAD Adaptive ERP, which provides manufacturers a comprehensive and single view of their customers to align efforts that deliver an optimal customer experience.

Digital Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing allows manufacturers to leverage digital and advanced technologies to better communicate, analyze and use real-time information to meet cost and quality objectives.  In this area, QAD Enterprise Asset Management has improved plant maintenance, capital projects and MRO purchasing capabilities for improved asset utilization and lower costs. QAD Manufacturing delivers additional leveling methods that address item mix and finite forward leveling resulting in a better utilization of  resources to complete operations within the specified time frame. Additionally, shop floor operators and quality engineers can more efficiently capture inspection test results during production operations to improve quality performance, and more accurately track, trace and control inspection actions. QAD Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) now supports AIAG/VDA FMEA standards as OEMs will soon require compliance with this new standard. QAD EQMS also enhanced the efficiency of management reviews and increased integration flexibility with additional support for RESTful services. 

QAD Production Execution adds more support at the level of production operations that includes the capture of free form comments and more work center assignment flexibility of orders to improve schedule achievement. QAD Production Execution is a result of our QAD Labs approach which leverages customer and QAD expertise for developing solutions to address the challenges of manufacturing planning and operations.

Integrated Supplier Management

Integrated Supplier Management creates value for manufacturers by improving supplier collaboration and supply chain visibility allowing for faster response to changes in supply and demand. In this area, QAD Supplier Portal has enhanced the efficiency of all associated business flows and suppliers now have visibility into requirements history. Over 10,000 suppliers are already taking advantage of these latest enhancements with another 6,000 suppliers expected to connect over the next few months. Many of these suppliers will leverage, Guide Me, QAD’s new self-training tool for efficient onboarding and improved productivity.

Connected Supply Chain

Connected Supply Chain helps manufacturers effectively collaborate with supply chain partners and address the challenges associated with managing complex and ever-changing global supply chains. QAD has introduced more flexibility to modify approved requisitions and resubmit for approval along with enhancing pick up route optimization for better managing material collections from suppliers. Additionally, QAD Precision Global Trade & Transportation Execution (GT&TE) has added new import management capabilities allowing manufacturers to better meet import regulatory requirements and avoid trade risks. The new capabilities include a smart classification screen to support accurate product duty/tax rates, admissibility indicators to proactively alert users of other agency requirements and embedded workflows that perform supplier screenings and other compliance checks. This allows companies to manage the current global trade turbulence, reduce product landed costs and avoid delays due to unforeseen admissibility requirements.

Key Contributors

Every QAD Adaptive ERP release is filled with enhancements and updates that address the agility and adaptability required by manufacturers. Many of these improvements are based on customer and user feedback. Additionally, our partners, business consultants, industry experts and other contributors play a key role in our product development efforts by sharing ideas and affirming the business benefits for new capabilities.

For any questions about QAD Adaptive ERP and becoming an Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.