Global MMOG/LE Standards

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Keep Your Supply Chain Effective

The growing automotive industry depends on a standard level of performance for material flow throughout the supply chain. Materials Management Operations Guideline/Logistics Evaluation (MMOG/LE) is the global standard for evaluating supply chain management processes against industry best practices. It facilitates effective relationships between original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers.

Why Work with QAD on MMOG/LE?

QAD has a proven track record of successfully helping customers meet their standards and provides training like no other ERP vendor out there. QAD does the following to ensure best-in-class support in your MMOG/LE journey.
  • QAD has participated in the development of MMOG/LE since Version 2.
  • Certified QAD instructors provide training on behalf of AIAG/Odette.

  • Instructors from QAD educate suppliers at OEM, AIAG and Odette seminars.
  • QAD helps suppliers pass OEM reviews with the QAD MMOG/LE Q-Scan process

  • A QAD expert was awarded by AIAG/Odette for participation in the implementation and development of MMOG/LE.
  • Process maps based on MMOG/LE are included in the Automotive Edition.

  • QAD published a solution sheet mapped to all 197 MMOG/LE criteria.
Increase in Supplier Rating from MMOG/LE
Inventory Reduction as a Direct Result of MMOG/LE
Reduction in Trainings Required Due to MMOG/LE
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What Is in the MMOG/LE Assessment?

MMOG/LE is designed to assess your supply chain processes against industry best practices. The assessment contains:
  • Strategy and Improvement
  • Work Organization

  • Capacity & Production Planning
  • Customer Interface

  • Production & Product Control
  • Supplier Interface

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Are You Protecting Your Preferred Supplier Status?

In today's automotive supply chains, risk identification and management is critical to ensuring success. Failing to quickly identify and react could cost you your preferred supplier status.

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QAD is an MMOG/LE trainer on behalf of AIAG and Odette
in North America, Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe.

QAD is a member of the global AIAG and Odette MMOG/LE Work Group and has participated in the development and implementation of the standard since 2003.

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Overview of MMOG/LE

QAD has built MMOG/LE into our solution's automotive process maps.

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Need Help With Your MMOG/LE Assessment?

Our unique consultation services ensure your business successfully completes the assessment.

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Senior Flexonics Czech Improves Supplier Rating with QAD ERP

Read IDC's case study on how SFC implemented QAD ERP to reach MMOG/LE Level A, reduced inventory, decreased time needed for monthly inventory checks, and increased productivity.

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