Friday, September 25, 2020
Manufacturing Trends

Manufacturing Trends

Connecting People, Processes and Supply Chains

Connecting People, Processes and Supply Chains for Operational Excellence

The most effective consumer products companies have a formalized process for integrated demand and supply chain planning. Such companies develop a process  to create a foundation for synchronizing its people, processes...
Exploring QAD's Channel Islands UX

Channel Islands: Explore How to Revolutionize Your Enterprise Software

At Explore 2017, QAD’s global community of leading manufacturers will connect in Detroit for a week of informative sessions, hands-on training, and stimulating discussions on the future of manufacturing. Explore attendees...
synchronized s&op is critical

Synchronized S&OP is Critical for Today’s Changing Market

The consumer products industry has transformed considerably over the last three decades, and it continues to change dramatically. These changes affect planning processes, supply chain management, manufacturing and how consumer products...
complying with new revenue recognition rules

Complying with New Revenue Recognition Rules: Get a Head Start

As you may know, there are new revenue recognition rules lurking just around the corner, and if you’re a manufacturer, there’s a chance that you will feel the impact of the...
manufacturing aluminum can

Manufacturing Industrial Goods: Do You Know How Aluminum Cans Are Made?

Have you ever seen the show, "How It's Made?" It's a great look at the manufacturing process of many of the products we use every day. In my role, as part...
Manufacturing Plant

Ten Quick Questions to Assess the Effectiveness of Your Manufacturing Plant

Is The Entire Manufacturing Facility Neat, Orderly, Well-Lit and Quiet Enough So Workers Can Communicate? Evaluating orderliness is one of the easiest ways to assess the effectivity of a plant. Manufacturing can...
Take a closer look at new nutrition labels

New Nutrition Labels Could be a Game Changer for Manufacturers and Consumers

Are you aware of the revisions the U.S. federal government made to nutrition labels? Just last year changes were announced that will create both challenges and opportunities for food and beverage manufacturers....
The changing face of manufacturing

The Only Constant In Manufacturing Is Change

Why does a manufacturer that has been around for 20 years fail or succeed in the next year? Why does ERP, which supported the business at first, now need to be...
Celebrating customer success feature

Meet Our Customers On Their Journey To The Effective Enterprise

  QAD + Our Customers We support customers in over 100 countries around the world. At the heart of QAD is a strong and loyal customer community. To create the best full-featured software...
ERP System Feature

Future Proofing Your ERP System

Companies tend to accept the status quo of their ERP system while operational performance deteriorates until they can no longer bear it. This is the point where they enter another ERP...

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